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Mesmerizing Arctic Islands in All 4 Seasons by Louis Charles Buyck

Louis Charles Buyck is an active photographer and is self-influenced. He is not able to define his style and he does not accept himself as a photographer. He loves taking northern lights pictures and does not get bored to experiment something. Louis says there is no special style in him, just that he tries new things or behaves as per the mood of the picture.

Here are the four different seasons of islands captured by Louis Charles Buyck. Louis-Charles Buyck planned to take an aerial photograph in Lapland of the two islands in different seasons using a drone. He had no back plans, but on social media the pictures went viral. The spread on the internet took to speed that nowadays, Kotisaari Island has become one of the biggest tourist attraction.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, Kottisaari Island was the Rovaniemi loggers meeting poin, the Lapland capital. Now, one of these houses is transformed into a tourist’s tavern to hang out. Moreover, people have the facility of reaching the island by boat.

The beauty of Kotisaari Island is mesmerizing in all the four seasons, spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Louis-Charles Buyck took to natural wonders and stunning scenery. Louis Charles loves his job that he does not feel exhausted anytime. He says there are lots to learn and experience, besides exploring and capturing in the lens new places. The Photographer admits that the weather sometimes is not favorable and it is the time he becomes tired, looks for a nice warm shower, rest, and good food.

The Arctic is very special on the planet and it is mysterious as this region is hiding miracles. It has a unique nature, huge icebergs in bizarre forms, expanses of snow and ice, drifting in the arctic seas. With each season the beauty of the Islands is captivating. It is beyond imagination. Only on seeing the photos one can get to understand the islands beauty with each season.

Louis-Charles creates memories from his experiences. He accepts he forces himself to experience a picture idea that is in his head. He likes taking pictures to show the importance and the magic of nature. Louis accepts that sometimes shooting sessions goes for long and lengthy hours and days. But these challenges are that makes him satisfied.

Louis accepts that the aurora borealis was the reason to initiate photography. The northern lights reflection of light is stunning. Sometimes wild arctic animals appear in these pictures. One can find reindeer and bear pictures. There are reindeer found more in Lapland.

Louis the photographer is passionate about experimenting new things. He is involved in various projects. He creates spectacular pictures and short videos. He wishes to go to the Faroe Islands and Austria. He wishes to experience something novel, beyond his comfort zone, trying out new angles is his determination. He enjoys living in extreme conditions such as in the low temperatures of Arctic and discovering volcano erupting, and so on. It gives him sensations, feeling and makes the moments memorable.

#1 Kotisaari Island Autumn by Louis Charles Buyck

#2 Kotissaari Island Winter

#3 Kotissaari Island Spring

#4 Kotissaari Island Summer

# Another Island in Finland Autumn

#2 Island in Finland Winter

#3 Island in Finland Spring

#4 Island in Finland Summer

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