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Rainbow Colors-Immersive Experience of Media Agnostic Designer Ramzy Masri

Media Agnostic Designer: Ramzy Masri is a talented designer. His skill in craft is much beyond his technical abilities. His work reveals his thoughtfulness, intuition about clients and brands, presenting clients at ease, while confidence is installed in high amounts. Ramzy is a sharp-minded and tremendous person and works with immense passion.

Ramzy Masri work as a full-time and free-lanced. He is talented and brings out finest creatives. His craft presents his style of easy to bounce ideas, a strong leader character that anyone would love to have him in their team.

The instagram page of Ramzy has a celebration of rainbow colors. He uses LGBTQIA and identity flags, presenting a way of reimagining the world. He explains it is an invitation to link the inner child and to explore a vibrant tomorrow, where one respects the gender and sexual expression through the rainbow.

Masri extends to Photoshop camera his Technicolor style. He applies the Photoshop camera app intelligently with the best filters and lenses for the photos. Masri creates a lens including variations that has butterflies as an element of his work. Masri says his work is all about creating a safe space for the community. He infuses the enveloping world and the flag colors to reclaim the magical spaces with his queer fantasies. He honors the human gender identity and sexuality specture.

Ramzy says there is distinction in our community and there will be no parades until the rights of LGBTQIA+ are not recognized around the world and formalized as law. He claims that no pride without liberation to all, and wants everyone to stand in solidarity for this cause.

Ramzy says the discrimination is seen in a mirror and though adversity takes a character deep, there is a need to look into the mirror to recognize the spaces available should give a feel at home feeling for everyone. He says he is working and having close conversations with many people and different groups including the Americans and Arabs, lower and upper class, big coastal cities people and the south folks, non-binary people and gays, and many more.

He is teaching people and is having more personal conversations. He is keen in not leaving the LGBTQIA+ community behind and this Pride month is showing more conversations on this platform is making him happier.

Ramzy says with the quarantine he switched to cooking to express his creativity. He has always been a foodie and now he is designing menus and cooking every day three meals, offering a treat and showering his loved through beautiful meals to his partner.

Ramzy Masri works with practical and digital effects in his work. He says he put a raincoat and his fiancé took a photograph through the fogged glass. Using Photoshop, Ramzy painted the colors using various blend modes and brushes. He gave some overall effects with the color. He says the filters are tools allowing expressing unique identities. One day on the Pride 2015 eve, he transformed himself from being a media-agnostic designer to Photoshop and colored the existing images and revealed that his visions became less labor-intensive, while the mystical splendor of the colors were immersive.

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To Know More About Ramzy Masri: Linktree | Instagram


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