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“Beauty of Childrens Eyes”- 20 Magnificent eyes to Hypnotize you Instantly by Abdullah Aydemir

Istanbul based photographer, Abdullah Aydemir finds childrens eyes to be a treasure that has the entire universe in it hidden. He takes pictures that will instantly capture you with the looks of the children.

His portraits hold the unrealistic beauty of these little models that it is hard to take of eyes from his incredible shots. Abdullah takes the photos of children he meets on the streets.

The photographs of these beautiful children are mesmerizing. Their beautiful eyes show their purity and innocence. This Turkish photographer loves to show the innocent children purity of hearts through their eyes.

Abdullah Aydemir, captures the glances of children on the streets and their eyes show the immense beauty. See here the 10 spectacular photos that are clicked by Abdulah Aydemir, they present not-to-miss expressive photos.

Each set of eyes, no matter what their size, color or shape is, the pair of eyes are a window to their emotional movements and shows their soul. The essence of their eyes will make viewers speechless is the belief of this Turkish photographer. These little models are the ones he encounters while he is working in Istanbul. They are on the streets and he believes they are the silent secrets hiding beyond the beautiful eyes.

Childrens Eye Photography Abdullah Aydemir






















*All photo credits to Abdullah Aydemir

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