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20 Magical Fairytale Fantasy Photography by Margarita Kareva

A Russia-based photographer, Margarita Kareva specializes in fantasy photography. She has portrayed women beautifully. She has transformed he portrayed women into both, witches and fairytale princesses. She combines photoshop manipulation with real props that the photos look outstanding. She also says she finds inspiration in the fantasy books for all her photoshoots.

Kareva’s work is evolving and growing as she took up photography ten years ago. Kareva story shows taking up a hobby is never late as you must be ready to learn all your life, and every day. Her portfolio is magical, vibrant, and has creative images.

Russian photographer Margarita Kareva is highly talented. With just the contribution and involvement of three and a half years into her photographic journey, she’s known world-wide to bring fairy tales and other magical stories to life using her camera. She is also the most popular photographers on 500px, is most-followed photographers on 500px prime, and a great person to sit and chat with. She speaks very little English.

Margarita Kareva focus is on surreal primarily, and otherworldly fine-art portraiture she creates using minimal gear. She gets inspiration and captures images. She bought on her birthday 10 and a half years ago her first SLR and began with her new hobby.

She did not believe she is now doing photography and it will be her life passion. She says it is fictional stories that she presents. She does not like much of photo-realistic photos and so adds
something fictional to make her works appear magical. She does this so that she does not get bored with editing and shooting.

She confirms that she is yet to shoot one of the best fantasy photography that will be her favorite. She goes through the old photos and always feels she should have done it better. She is more of a perfectionist and wants every time to do better. Her imagination takes double leap than her photos. She wants to show her images fully one day, and only then she would call her photos as good.

She is shooting with a Canon 5D Mark III and her all time lens is a Canon EF 135mm f/2L. She also shoots with Canon 35mm f/1.4L. She does not use a tripod or other equipments, but uses a reflector and a small on-camera video light. It takes around 30 minutes to a week to edit one photo. She says to make her RAW files into a good shot, it takes a lot of time. She says she touches the main parts such as the retouching, cropping, and color correction. The most time she spends in finding the suitable color palette.

Margarita says she wants her photos to feed her viewers eyes and they must find it tasty. She has
lots on creative projects and is working on them. She likes to stay away from commercial shoots that she is doing, and want to immerse in creative projects and enjoy the free creative juices flowing.

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