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20 Magical Beauty of Photography through ordinary things by Kristina Makeeva

Russian photographer, Kristina Makeeva captures amazing photographs spreading enchantment. She has a beautiful way of transforming beautiful backdrops, romantic clothing and does digital edits such that the scenes give a feel of coming straight out of a storybook. Magic comes with her photos as style photography is added and is the notable features.

Makeeva complements the backdrops by adding fashion to the gowns. Her works bring out beautifully the grace of women striding or dancing towards the enticing destination with their flowing fabrics floating in the wind. Makeeva grew up in a city near Moscow and always transported herself into some fairy tale. Moscow is also her favorite city as it has amazing buildings with interesting history, and the New Year celebrations she feels the entire city transforms into some Christmas tale.

Makeeva agrees that there is tremendous power in photography. She also receives private messages in the form of letters stating her photos have helped someone come out of sadness. They mention depression and getting or feeling better even for a moment is a great feeling. She confirms that she started working aiming to carry the beauty light with Trend photography into this world and now through the responses she receives she knows that light helps sometimes.

Thriving photography of Makeeva is a result of her dedication passion and practice. Today, she captures less-seen beauty or rare pieces and it includes the frosty Siberian landscapes to the Phillipines warm beaches. Makeeva explains that only sometimes she collects the universe, instead she works with proper backgrounds. She agrees that it is hard to fit in an ordinary lens something and such things are fit as post-processing.

Russian photographer Kristina Makeeva uses dreamy clothing, photoshop edits, and special settings. It creates fairytale photographs. There is variety of locations, yet Makeeva places a common thread, a romantic ambiance. Some are staged in real places and appear so perfect that they appear to be out of the world location. it is crucial to understand that over these many years of works she has accumulated flowers, airplanes, clouds, snow, fabrics, drops, balls, sunsets, and so on, making a huge collection of her personal photos.

Kristina Makeeva keeps her eyes wide open and dreams with fashion photography. She gives life to a child with her whimsical imagination. She gives a setting with surreal pops and subjects in contrast to natural light, while Makeeva captures the intangible and the tangible , the real and the ethereal, that any viewer cannot stop dreaming or seeing.

Her slogan is: ‘Today is not merely another day. Today I”ll create something beautiful’.

Magical Beauty of Photography-Kristina Makeeva

#1 Cappadocia Turkey

#2 Cappadocia Turkey

#3 Cathedral Mosque

#4 Petit Palais, Paris

#5 Eiffel Tower, France

#6 Red Square, Moscow

#7  Valensole Provence

#8 Louvre Paris

#9 Cappadocia Turkey

#10 Opera De Paris, France

#11 Lake Baikal

#12 Christmas Festive Mood

#13 Flamingoes

#14 Valensole Provence

#15 Porto Portugal

#16 Moscow Firework Festival

#17 Cappadocia Turkey

#18 Lake Baikal

#19 Finolhu Maldives 

#20 Poppies Field Crimea

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