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20 Intensified Beauty of Neon Light Photography by Sean Foley

An Australian street photographer is Sean Foley. He is based in Hong Kong and he is highly talented to capture the solitude moments of any urban chaotic environment with his imagery based vibrant neon signs.

Sean arrived in 2013 to Hong Kong first and was impressed by their culture. It was the first time he visited a city like Hong Kong and was fascinated by their amazing colors and the neon light photography across unique architecture. The neon signs grip with admiration the attention and gave nostalgia, though it was never like before.

Sean picked in 2017 his first DSLR and set out to capture the remaining neon signs, while they were dismantled slowly following some new regulations. By that time Sean had already become addicted to neon light photography. He trekked most areas in Hong Kong, after nights of work, hunting for new moments and scenes that became his escape. His photography became his meditation. His inner voices became focused and silent only to his goal of using neon signs and making everything beautiful and meaningful.

Sean Foley, the fine art photographer from Australia is prominent for his dystopian and futuristic themed Hong Kong images. His artwork displays a cinematic atmosphere that reveals his love for the urban environment and the neon signs of the city.

His work is featured internationally in various publications. It includes Hong Kong Free press, Hong Kong Tourist Board, Esquire, OpenEye Magazine, and lots more. The journey of photography started as he began moving to Hong Kong. He was determined to get neon signs and his new media art was his focus.

Sean describes the photography as his meditation and his works started acquiring recognition in most galleries and NFT marketplace. He loved to see literature and movies set in dystopian, futuristic worlds, and it is in the last six months that his creative energy is towards aesthetic.

Sean said in an interview that he takes his Neon light photography seriously and is putting lots of effort into post-processing. The neon signs gained popularity after WWII in Hong Kong due to the glow and the neon lights luminous qualities. However, with the LED efficient lights, the skyline in Honk Kong city has no sign of neon signs, it is disappearing totally. Yet, the signs are seen on tight streets featuring fluorescent glow.

Sean Foley loves shooting at night as he feels the streets and the city becomes alive at night. He loves going around with his camera on the streets to find interesting people and scenes. Most of his shots remind Blade Runner, the neon-noir 1982 science fiction film.

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