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20 Inspiring Hand-Created Elements in 3D Typography Designs by Kongnok

Beijing-based graphic designer, Kongnok, is a great creative artist. He uses powerful brush strokes to create incredible 3D typography designs that are hand-lettering compositions.

Typography exists everywhere, no matter, whether you acknowledge it or not. It is apparent in every material, from advertising to blogs and newspapers, art or infographics. It is a random or simple letters arrangement that helps in making a statement.

Kongnok presents a collection of typography and lettering designs presenting a creativity flow. There is great source of inspiration and the creative typography offers motivational quote to motivate and inspire you while designing. It includes specializing in typography to make it appear outstanding.

What Is Typography Art?

Typography art refers to any form of art involving phrases, words or letters. It includes sculpture, painting, digital rendering or other creative techniques. Having a better understanding can result in typography art involving different approaches and mediums.

3d typography design is the trend presenting realism to the next level. The realistic style and VR effects are gaining popularity that the 3D typography art has become the latest design trend. It is a great display option. This 3D typography design is not for readable purpose. It is a fun design worth trying. It looks like any sign or some printed element adding a realistic effect.

3D typography variations do not follow any rules. Lettering may be of any typeface or style. It may feature readable design that is straight on or feature combinations and stacks of letters much more artistic. This creating typing style is not new, but is gaining popularity in digital design with 3D.

3D Typography are Design Styles

  • 3D typestyles may be bold and big, or features a bubble design or script. The 3D type may include color or there may be huge variances to bring the dramatic effect.
  • Subtle 3D effects also appear appealing. It brings a slight separation with the typeface and the background canvas.
  • The typefaces feature simple lines and have a cartoonish effect. Yet the 3D typography design refers to the lettering depth. It gives a feel of reaching out and touching the letters, while there are the variances in curves, shape or hard edges.

What is special about 3D typography design?

The 3D feel is the addition that makes a flat canvas or a screen look appealing. The techniques and characteristics used creating 3D typography includes:

  • Tilting, use of shadows, lighting or embossing changes, animation, changes in letters that are upright or lay down, adding textures, using sharp text on blurred background, solid long shadows, distinct text layering versus background.
  • For maximum impact choose for a handful of letter with 3D typography design, it is best for display. Stacking more works will create serious readability issues. It is an art element, so keep the design part readable and as a messaging part.





















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