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15 Inspiring 3D Character Designs by Francois Boquet

3D Belgian artist, Francois Boquet, is working for oh Bibi and living in Paris. ‘Oh Bibi’ is a firm located in Paris and is a mobile games company. He does props, environments, 3d character designs, and a bit of concept art. He is a videogame player, as well.

Francois Boquet likes the cartoon styles such as Dreamworks, Disney, Sony, and so on, as it is more interesting. He does not follow any specific themes. He likes the cartoon 3d model for its shape and proportion. Initiating a project for Francois is based on the style and current desires. He works on video games or films that are inspiring. His favorite project until date is “The Native American”. It is because he learned lots with this project. He spends his free time in learning Ornatrix, Substance Painting, and V-Ray. It was a huge challenge, but he enjoyed working on it.

François Boquet says his workflow is basic. He starts with primitives in ZBrush for blocking. He sculpts 3d and occasionally makes in 3D coat or 3ds Max a retopology. His textures are in Photoshop using a polypaint base or in Substance painting. Finally, for render he uses Ornatrix and V-Ray for the hair.

François is highly inspired by other artists. They are his real source of motivation. As he notices other people working, it motivates him to work harder to surpass himself. His key inspiration is music and Disney movies. He begins his project listening to a music that relates his project. For instance, listening to the Kung Fu Panda soundtrack he works on a warrior leopard project.

François says among 2D artists, he loves the works of Chris Sander, Pernille Orum, Alberto Camara, Florian Stazinger, Glen Keane, Ryan Lang, and many more. From 3D model design artists, his favorites are Shane Olson, Dylan Ekren, Pedro Conti, Matt Thorup, Victor Hugo, and more. He finds them motivating as they all are passionate and fond of their work.

François says he works daily for 2 to 3 hours after work in the evening. He takes his personal projects from time to time. As such, there is no deadline or pressure. However, Francois gives importance to his quality projects than the quantity. He enjoys working with other artists and finds it as a good exercise. He also enjoys posting work on social media as a part of his work progress. It is because he receives good feedback from other artists, and it works as a motivation and a learning source. He confirms that practice is the key to perfection.

François says now his hands are full with projects and right now, he is working on a warrior leopard with another artist. He aims to complete this project soon. He is making 3d character designs for a short film and also has other quick projects coming up.

Cartoon 3D Model-François Boquet

#1 Princess

#2 Native American

#3 Native American

#4 Mermay

#5 Hansel

#6 Gretel

#7 Waitress

#8 Elf

#9 Warrior Leopard

#10 Einstein

#11 Mermaid

#12 Dark Elf

#13 Shaman

#14 Ahoska

#15 Ahoska

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