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15 Beautiful Art Compositions with Natural themes and Women by Madhu Singh

Madhu Singh is an Indian painter, born in Mathura (Uttar Pradesh), India. She is interested in drawing, painting, music, sculpture, craft, photography, and designing. India culturally is a heritage of art and crafts, but her childhood was in an environment where art was unfamiliar and less popular.

Madhu Singh was curious right from her young age regarding the life subjectivity in general and tried to understand how societal perceptions highlighted gender inequality. She is a self-taught artist who developed her hobby into her profession. She left her home town to do her higher studies and completed her graduation from Agra University in fine art and did from Rajasthan University her Post graduation, Jaipur. Later, she moved to Mumbai, earned an IGD Bombay degree with Grade A and her transformation of life began. She organized many exhibitions including Aifacs Delhi and in many more cities and also in Dubai.

Madhu Singh is a keen learner and learnt various art forms. She found happiness in experimenting various mediums and themes, and in learning new techniques. She loves to pain in water colors and oil colors. She has painted figurative art to portraits, landscapes and flower, in oil colors and works using watercolors on wet techniques. She loves portraying the nature themes with women as the Mother Nature in fierce and gentle way. She has been painting now for over 30 years and her inspiration to paint was the beauty and nature enveloping her and she loved painting natural themes keeping women as the main subject.

Madhu Singh preferred art that does not should and only whispers, the art that makes her fly and not crush. Madhu says, ‘even gazing into space sitting comfortably in a chair for an artist is working.’

Madhu Singh’s works can be easily recognized for her technical mastery and unique style. She creates timeless works on paper and canvas, after selecting her subjects that transcend space and time to convey her emotions and ideas. She presents a visual language with her line, color, form and shape, thereby creating a composition existing with an independence degree. She creates a new art type encompassing the fundamental changes in science, technology and philosophy.

Madhu paints her emotions and ideas giving qualities to her creation offering a two dimensional language. Her language elements are the shape, lines, tones, colors and texture. It is used to produce in various ways the sensations of space, volume, light and movement on a surface. These elements represent super-natural phenomena when combined into patterns and they are expressive to interpret an abstract visual relationship or a narrative theme.

Her paintings present her sense of inevitability and give her painting her presence and self-sufficiency. She defines her artwork as freestyle that is abstract, organic, free, contemporary, expressive and gestural.

Madhu was fortunate always to receive full support from her family and friends that she exhibited her works in various solo & group exhibitions across India. Art was her support system that also helped her come out of her health issues and encouraged her to keep creating.

Her works were exhibited across India and abroad:

  • Lalit Kala Akademi, Lucknow; Exhibitions in Aifacs Gallery, Delhi; Hyderabad, Gwalior, Shimla, Meerut and most recently at Dubai.

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