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20 Incredibly True To Life Miniature Animal Sculpture by Kerri Pajutee

American artist, Kerri Pajutee, resides in Central Oregon. She specializes in life miniature sculpture and creates realistic miniature animals. She creates true to life miniature animals. She is recognized internationally among the dollhouse miniature fans for her distinctive sculptures, and she is also found throughout the world in many private collections.

A self-taught artist, Kerri Pajutee, sculpts and it is a way of expression that is a result of never-ending trials and fascinations. She is motivated by the desire to express the personality spark within each miniature replica. She reflects an endearing memory delighting any heart and brings a smile to the observers face on watching her Miniature Animal Sculpture.

Artist Kerri Pajutee creates real-looking animal sculptures in 1:12 to actual size. She pays remarkable attention to detail imbues with her miniatures and ensures retaining a distinct personality and feeling. She is particular about the appearance of the animal to be in motion, with another animal, or if something is happening, such as a haircut. Pajutee is self-taught, and has acquired great success in her work, animal sculpture, that she loves.

She is internationally recognized among the dollhouse miniature aficionados, and in her ‘furry’ little animals are found in many private collections, besides the permanent exhibit in museums displaying small-scale art, and it features in many hobby magazines / ezines.

Something cute is about the miniatures and the artist makes it cuter with the miniature sculpting of animals. Kerri Pajutee, is a self-taught artist. She developed her own techniques of mixed media and combines fibers of alpaca, wool, silk and cashmere to create realistic animal replicas. Her miniature animal’s creations are in the same proportions to provide uniformity and it is in a size-compatible set.

Her inspiration is her personal experience with animals. She creates endearing memory. Her little wonder are her creations, delighting the heart and bringing a smile to the viewers face. With art, she balances her life as she spends most of her time in the studio producing sculptures in limited numbers every year and the rest of the time she spends with her family and friends. The arrangement keeps her fresh and centered.

Look for her miniatures on permanent display in the Kathleen Savage Browning Miniatures Collection at the Kentucky Gateway Museum.

Miniature Sculpture-Kerri Pajutee

#1 Cat

#2 Cockatiel

#3 Deer

#4 Cat

#5 Panda Bear Hugs

#6 Beagle Pup

#7 Rabbit

#8 Cat

#9 Giraffe

#10 Dog

#11 Cat

#12 Animal

#13 Cat

#14 Donkey


#15 Mythical Jackalope

#16 Chimpanzee

#17 Ginger Cat

#18 Pigeons

#19 Egyptian Cat

#20 Persian Cat

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