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Incredible Edible Food Artwork by Sarah Lescrauwaet

Food Art: Sarah Lescrauwaet is a UK based artist paining with food. Sarah lived for more than 7 years in Africa and worked with several food producers. Food has been her passion and as a co-founder of chocolate brand, she creates many illustrations using vegetables and fruits.

Sarah says parenting is the difficult job in the world. From the time of diapers changing to perspectives, the job of a parent does not end. But she says, having love for food and the creativity flair helps. Sarah as the food artist has developed the cooking passion when she was 12. Sarah showed interest in cooking and it blossomed into her art form and noticed surprisingly best results. Making nutritious meals was a priority for her always and she uses the vegetable and fruits that gave all the colors. Thus, she gave her kids the tastiest and prettiest treats. Her creative animal artwork ensured she offered healthy snacks and family fun.

Food Art Tiger by Sarah Lescrauwaet
Image Credit: Sarah Lescrauwaet

Sarah, a mum comes up with Disney characters, animal’s portraits and celebrities out of fruit and vegetables to help her children eat well. Sarah, 40, owns a chocolate business, in baker Street MIA Foodie, West London. She is now in Brussels, Belgium with her sons Sebastian 10 and Damian 6, and husband Brett Beach 45. Her project Edible Food Art for Kids started as a joke and today she finds it rewarding as a parent who can fulfill the wishes of her kids.

Food Art Tom by Sarah Lescrauwaet
Image Credit: Sarah Lescrauwaet

Sarah’s interest by twelve in cooking was a way of helping her father after a tiring day of work. With cooking interest and love for food she developed other activities. She provided homemade nutritious meals, presenting a mix of vegetables and fruit daily. She says Edible food art for kids’ is an outlet for her to relax while preparing a family snack. It relaxes her after a day’s hard work.
Sarah left for Belgium after university to see the Australian wonders. She had filled with new friends and travel, plus work. She lived in Australia, Egypt, Cyprus, and the USA two coasts gave her insights into their rich cuisines and different cultures.

Food Art Bird by Sarah Lescrauwaet
Image Credit: Sarah Lescrauwaet

Sarah learnt a lot while traveling abroad. It was not easy to adapt to new ways. Moreover, she had a sensitive stomach since childhood. Her experience with foreign foods was that she likes limited fat and simplicity of ingredients. Here she realized the need for a simple and clean diet and learnt that meals can be delicious with less salt, simple ingredients, butter, and oil.

Her blog “Edible Food Art for Kids” was not intentional. She was with her husband and two boys in Belgium. She wanted to make vegetables and fruits creative and fun. She started to give her children a smile in a creative way and found her kids were looking for more. The food art scene had usage of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and a touch of chocolate occasionally. Her art had no pasta, mashed potatoes, additives or even food dye.

Food Art Timon and Pumba by Sarah Lescrauwaet
Image Credit: Sarah Lescrauwaet

Sarah says food is beautiful to look at and making someone eat it is not easy. She wanted kids to have fun with eating fresh food and if not she felt her creations were a waste. She uses fresh vegetables and fruits to encourage kids and to get them eat the seasonal textures, flavors, and colors. She says “Edible Food Art for Kids” is delicious and rewarding.

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