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20 Impressive and Refreshing 3D Street Art by Odeith

Born in Damaia (Portugal) in 1976, Odeith is a Portuguese street artist. He is well-known for his 3D art. His popularity is in creating anamorphic 3D graffiti and it appears to float in the air when viewed from right angles.

He creates traditional and large scale graffiti, site-specific murals. His artworks are realistic and extremely detailed. The street art painting of Odeith is almost photographic and has an unbelievable precision. Odeith’s style is obscure and is known as Sombre 3D, representing dark 3D style.

Odeith held for the first time a spray can in the mid 1980s. It was in the 90s that graffiti began its dissemination and started leaving the Portuguese birthplace, Carvavelos. Odeiths first experiences were the street art. Odeith did not continue schooling after 15 and also did not get any formal education on art.

He sketched on the street walls and train tracks. His passion for drawing was apparent and he began to evolve. Soon he got an opportunity to pain in Damaia large scale murals and in the housing neighborhoods, such as Santa Filomena, 6 de Maio, and Cova da Moura.

Odeith was practicing urban art on train tracks, and his passion for drawing grew with his desire to spread his creativity. At the same time, his talent took to a new evolution and his murals and graffiti became more complex, heading giving the 3D feel. It was a 3D wall art.

Odeith showed keenness in perspective and shading. He followed an obscure style and later called it “sombre 3D.” The compositions, portraits and landscapes, messages or homages, represented realism and technique.

Odeith, in 2005 was recognized internationally for his anamorphic incursions in this art field. He was outstanding for his compositions that he created and painted on different surface such as from the wall to the floor or 90º corners. It created an optical 3D illusion effect. He decided to close in 2008 his tattoo studio that he opened in 1999 and moved to London.

Odeith was the pioneers of 3D anamorphic art. He started this style in 2005. He creates an illusionary, puzzling feel of floating object. His art from specific angle appears to pop out of the wall, become alive. The optical illusion presents its strength and left a remarkable impression that was hard to believe.

Odeith is internationally recognized for his anamorphic 3D pieces and is invited to showcase his work outside of his native Portugal. His incredible talent bought Odeith prestigioua awards. His graffiti is striking visually. His murals represent find art with their nature and skillful usage of sahding and colors.

Now in Lisbon, Odeith is focusing on painting and has created large scale murals for national and international enterprises such as the London Shell, Kingsmill, the Coca-Cola Company, Estradas de Portugal, Samsung, Sport Lisboa e Benfica (football club) and several Portuguese city halls such as Câmara Municipal de Lisboa and Câmara Municipal de Oeiras, amongst others. Some highlight events that Odeith participated are: Meeting of Styles (Alemanha), Museum of Public Art (Louisiana, EUA), MuBE – Brazilian Museum for Sculpture (São Paulo, Brasil), 1st Bienal del Sur (Panamá) and the Berardo Collection Museum’s 2nd anniversary party.

Odeith is a true dreamer and a renaissance man, who made the entire urban art kingdom proud and now they are most sought for. He says never quit dreams. It will take few years to get the credibility. Odeith encourages the young street artists and is now busy with collaborations and commissions with international entrerpises. He is also selling his best works and canvas paintings, while he participates in several exhibitions and art fairs with his 3D Art, refreshing and impressive pieces.

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