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20 Impeccable Kerala Mural Paintings by Swastik Murals

Artists, Dileep Swastik and Hariharan Swastik are the people behind “Swastik Mural Paintings.” It is a banner familiar among Mural artists and also among the adorers in and outside Kerala for the past 2 decades. The two artists are well known for their unique approach towards the art form popularizing. Their works in Kerala Mural Painting are mingled with tradition to the thousands of year’s intricate art.

These artists of Swastik Mural Painting retain the Mural tradition mannerism and glory by spreading its soul and spirit. Dileep and Hariharan are National Diploma rank holders in Mural painting. They completed their education in the Institute of Mural Painting, Guruvayur Devaswom, Kerala, India. These artists have contributed to many works varying from Ezhimala naval academy to popular personalities from the private house and many others from within Kerala and outside.

The hallmark of their paintings are the vibrant colors and flowing lines. Their mural inspired paintings create a distinct fusion of creativity and traditional craft. Swastik Mural Paintings is in Thrissur District, Kerala, near West Nada.

Swastik mural paintings are co-owned by Dileep and Hariharan Swastik. These two artists are notable for their impeccable Kerala mural paintings. They are addictive to their paintings and give vivid colors as per the storyline and themes. The stories include the mythological characters portrayed in mural paintings. It is over 18 years, the Mural paintings in Kerala gained popularity. It brings the mythology alive through the paintings.

C.D Dileep is teaching the intricacies of mural inspired paintings to students of Flora, Vanross Junction. Both friends conduct classes in the mural style painting and have student from UAE and India. They say it is a fad to learn mural style painting.

Dileep a rank holder and Alumni of the Guruvayor Devaswoms Institute of Mural Painting, wishes to expand this art form. He wants to give the art a visibility and to hold the traditional art from slipping away.

His canvas is anything asbestos sheets, pillars, flutes, saris, pots, etc. There are traditional images and now he includes contemporary themes. Team work is a must in mural art to cover a large area. There will be an exhibition of their latest works at the Dubai shopping festival.

Dileep and Hariharan believe art to be therapeutic and it helps everyone. The sales proceeds from the art workshops are directly passed to the artists. It helps the community and there are live online art classes for people wishing to learn to get enrolled. Swastik Mural paintings offer two hour class for beginners and it is conducted over zoom. Anyone above 8 years can join.

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*Image Credits to Swastik Mural Painting

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