Pen Drawing Eva Garrido
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15 Impeccable Finish using the go-to tool- Pen Drawing by Eva Garrido

Spanish artist Eva Garrido specializes in ballpoint pen drawing. She uses blue color and gives an overall finish to her drawing. The beauty of this drawing is praiseworthy as drawing with ballpoint pen is not easy. Mistakes with pens cannot be erased. It is difficult to cover up. They are not A4s and A3s, they are large beautiful portraits looking amazing on any wall or frame.

The ballpoint pen is the go-to tool. Using pen drawing, especially the blue color presents distinctiveness. There is something that makes the concept design or the art attractive. The ball point pen is the power source and is the medium to embody anything in a greater way.

A ballpoint pen drawing instills confidence in an artist as there is no safety belt of erasing. Any inaccurate idea also can be adjusted. It energizes the drawings and the factor of not erasable ensures they try to cover by varying values. Thus, using one pen, adjusting the pressure is a way of learning to come with different values.

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Tips to using and choosing a Ballpoint Pen

  • Retractable ballpoints come in varying weights and each features different ink balls sizes
    and colors.
  • The right pen is the one that has good color and how you feel it in your hand.
  • A good ball point pen is the one that you need not press too hard and it should not blob out ink. The pen that offers light but clear lines on handling gently is enough. With pressures the lines should come as dark lines, but should be consistent and clear.
  • Wipe the pen time in between to avoid any ink accumulation and even the paper fibers may smear or become blotches.
  • Remember ball point ink fades on getting exposed to light and air. It will change the color.
  • Try different papers from recycled simple drawing paper to printer paper and high-quality ink jet paper, etc.

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