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Incredible Hyper-Realistic Portrait Painting by Irakli Nadar

Portrait Painting: Irakli Nadar is a 28-year-old artist who says creativity is important that focusing on the techniques. It is not that technique is not required but creativity is a must. It is something AI can never recreate. It is a skill; it is a remaking pattern of pre-existing concepts in the brain. It may be improved and trained like a technique and there is nothing special about it.

The digital drawing techniques are the key says Irakli Nadar. She says several artists earlier had no other way to present their art. There was lack of mediums, while the gift marvels at millions through the internet. The digital artist’s only tool was to have a good image editor.

Irakli Nadar is from Tbilisi, Georgia. He creates hyper-realistic incredible digital artworks. The colors, details and strokes are perfect and it is hard sometimes to believe that it is a unique art and it done on the computer. Irakli Nadar says there are plenty of techniques for portrait painting and all are different. Not
everyone knows all the techniques. In fact some of the best techniques take to wondering. Yet there are no drawing techniques to be known as the best. It is the creativity of each person that flows through the mind and comes as their individual drawing technique.

He said most people tell they cannot or can never produce painting as I do or as effectively I do. Irakli says, my aim is to develop stunning images that should be visually appealing from the drawing ideas. It is a must to make them each time better is the aim of Irakli.

The most important things according to Irakli are your creativity and motivation. When motivation is high, the drawings turn good and there is a jump from the pencil to paint. Going through an art magazine or shopping for a new paint color seems an attractive idea. But for these actions to bring the true beauty in your painting are based on the actions. You cannot force yourself. Portrait painting leaps forward taking giant steps when you try it yourself without constraints.

Realistic Portrait Painting Art

Portrait Painting Chinese Girl
Art Credit: Irakli Nadar

Portrait Painting Girl
Art Credit: Irakli Nadar

3 hyper realistic painting girl by irakli nadar
Art Credit: Irakli Nadar

Realistic Portrait Painting Girl by Irakli Nadar
Art Credit: Irakli Nadar

5 hyper realistic painting girl by irakli nadar
Art Credit: Irakli Nadar

10 hyper realistic painting girl by irakli nadar
Art Credit: Irakli Nadar

7 hyper realistic painting girl by irakli nadar
Art Credit: Irakli Nadar

8 hyper realistic painting woman by irakli nadar
Art Credit: Irakli Nadar

9 hyper realistic painting girl by irakli nadar
Art Credit: Irakli Nadar

Learn to work with limited palette confidently; there is a need to add the techniques of drawing, try oil paints and to lay the foundation. It does not mean success in one step. It is a way of bringing creativity to the portrait as full-color. To understand the creating of powerful portraits there is a need to have clarity and understanding about the color contrast and the tone. The light
and dark colors presence is not easy. There is a need to achieve remarkable results and to ensure you see that you want exactly. If you find something missing, you must get ready to set that right without second thoughts.

Another valid reason is that we are living in a time facing reality that is daily warped. The notion of truth or the facts is unimaginable. It is all about portrait drawing, there are various power structures that relies on stabilizing and requires having control of the craft depicting a reality and recognition.

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