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Outstanding Hyper Realistic Animal Painting by Carla Grace

Hyper Realistic Animal Painting by Carla Grace: Carla Grace, born in South Africa, is a self-taught artist having a love for high-quality, beautiful artwork. Carla studied psychology and failed statistics that she had to change to fine art. She studied for two years and dropped her studies to move to New Zealand from Australia.

Carla breathes through her art for wild animals. Having her childhood in Africa that is dominant with wildlife, offering her the experience, it has become her vision and the foundation of art. Wild animals were a part of her life as she lived in Kariba, Zimbabwe, and Africa.

Realistic Animal Painting Tiger by Carla Grace
Image Credit: Carla Grace

Carla says seeing elephant walking through the yard was normal or even driving to Savannah in the noon to watch the herds grazing during the sunset was common for her. She missed that feel and experience and her desire to share the wild nature and its tangible presence led her into animal painting.

Realistic Animal Painting Cheetah by Carla Grace
Image Credit: Carla Grace

Carla says she paints wild animals, but always begins the painting from the eyes. She continues the painting only once she sees the eyes appear alive. The incredible thing of her work is she tries to feel how alive the animals feel while working. Though expressing through painting is difficult to bring the expression, she brings it through her tangible painting style concentrating on the eyes of the wild animals.

3 hyper realistic painting art tiger by carla grace e1619338865630
Image Credit: Carla Grace

Carla became an artist as she was always good at it and had the desire for painting. She is good with business and has been doing it for earning some income. Now it is a full-time occupation and that came naturally. She says she did not fear about pursuing art as her career and it is because she loves taking risk, provided she does her homework perfectly for it.

Carla finds her influence in her career with C J Hendry. Carla says being an artist is a way of staying prepared to put everything into the job. It is an investment and is worth it as it is your passion and career. She says it is the art that has the essence to make what she is now and loves for what she is now.

5 hyper realistic painting bear art by carla grace e1619339184527
Image Credit: Carla Grace

Carla Grace works in the studio now, but recollects how she was exposed to poverty and desolation. Fortunately, she was blessed to be amidst exquisite wild life and raw nature that her childhood was intensely interesting, while her teenage heart started searching for the natural beauty around her.

Carla studied in New Zealand fine arts, after high school graduating, but her push to take on conceptual and contemporary forms did not appeal her. So on achieving the diploma, she moved to Australia to start her art career. In 2015, she focused her attention on simple and visually powerful concepts, naming her brand as Carla Grace Art.

Realistic Animal Painting Reindeer by Carla Grace
Image Credit: Carla Grace

Carla always dedicated her time in giving the eyes the definition and true depth. She feels the emotion is in the eyes and the beauty of any piece she paints has the power to say through the eyes. Thus, until the eyes sets right, she does not work on the piece. She loves a picture to draw breath at any moment and so keeps her style of drawing to a detailed and realistic appearance.

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