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15 Stunning Hyper Realistic Surreal Paintings by Alexander Sviridov

Digital and portrait artist, Alexander Sviridov, captures incredible images in his computer and home studio. Alexander is based in Ontario, Canada. His Hyper realistic Portrait painting puts on fine art his own stamp and includes his daughter and himself, as well.

Alexander’s pictures and his models create classic painterly style from his home photographic studio. The pictures of Alexander has won international multiple photo awards and some of the photo contexts are the biggest, such as, 35Awards, Trierenberg Super Circuit, VIPA, WPE, Gurushots, Photocrowd, and Viewbug.

Alexander keeps exploring his creative process, through practical effects, equipment, and digital manipulation techniques. He creates his digital images and works on Instagram and his incredible work.

Alexander studied for seven years the fine art and tried other genres such as impressionism, realism, and the abstract. He moved in 2000 to Canada and experienced difficulties in getting an artist job. However, using practical skills in Photoshop he secured himself a graphic designer’s role.

In 2012, he created a beautiful scene on noticing the natural light falling from the window as he smelt the flowers in a vase. It was also the time, when Iris, his daughter was three-year-old. It became an epiphany and nothing was done artistically for 15 years. Yet he became certain that his creative hiatus had to follow photography.

Alexander was a fan of the painting of classical masters and was interested in surrealism. He loved Rembrandt, Dali, and Vermeer and was highly influenced by their works. However, he loved adding his personal spice and thus arrived at his own photography style. He edited many photos as if they were painting and kept on looking for creative and new ideas to project into art pieces.

Alexander Sviridov is a photo-artist. His pictures have recognition worldwide and he is a recipient of several awards. He studied in Russia the art design, and has developed for photography a passion over the years. His style is hyper realistic portrait painting and photography presents a combination of surrealistic ideas and old masters art to create unique masterpieces and recognizable photo art. He is keen to find creative ideas and to bring it into his art pieces. Nevertheless, mostly his inspiration is his youngest daughter and it is apparent
in his artworks.

The surreal paintings include hyper realistic paintings and he loves getting his daughters emotions in a beautiful way that is a combination of his surrealism and creative imagination on his canvas. His hyper realistic paintings present an untold story. His paintings are amazing and he is also open to work on commission, if you are keen in his works. His hyper realistic paintings are in limited edition, so anyone wishing to buy them from him may get ready to buy, act fast so that you reach him before everything is sold. 

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