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15 Stunning Hyper Realistic Paintings by Philipp Weber

Born in Germany in 1974, Philipp Weber has a holistic method to present his oil painting and his humanism affinity. This young designer is not wooed by the design industry saturated trends. He delves deep into any subject matter. He presents a set of vantage points to approach each topic. It includes the analysis and history of manufacturing processes.

Graduated in Design Academy Eindhoven and University of Arts Berlin, Philipp Weber anchors and translates his discursive explorations unhurried into tangible concepts and functional forms. His
applications are accessible and are age-old techniques. He chooses mediums such as glass, cork, coal byproduct, and textile. He frames his projects as expressive and experimental statement pieces and introduces the properties of new material to have an impact.

Weber is the creative director and co-founder of a commercial venture, Analog. They developed it through Berlin Glassworks. His interest in traditional production and research modes is a part and he now incorporates his wish to explore new business unconventional modes. In 2017, with Spazio Nobile it was his first exhibition as Season IV-Crystallized, and here he displayed his experimental projects A Strange Symphony.

Philipp Weber looks in his painting for inner truth, which is the reason he paints beautiful women in traditional magazine poses. He portrays them such that it does not have emptiness to life, instead
he works into even into minor imperfections to reflect human stories. He is a skilled artist and forges a clear artistic progression throughout his career.

Philipp’s inspiration is from movies, travel, books, fellow artists and creative folks, besides all people’s personal stories of their lives, revealing dreams and aspirations going beyond fancy facades and any flawless skin. Water element and nature have a vital role in his art, the same as inner strength and tragedy.

Philipp Weber a hyper realistic painting presents beautiful young women in different contexts. The physical expressiveness is enhanced by motifs. The paintings offer open wide spaces of sensation and thought.

The talent of this artist was intensively promoted from his childhood. He began his studies in Kassel and moves to the University to do Arts in Berlin and graduated with his masters. Gradually his works appeared around the world in exhibitions and at well-know trade fairs. He also developed an individual signature style and is planning to develop series that combines his paintings, the same as film stills and to make entire dramaturges.

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