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20 Unique Visionaries of Hyper Realistic Painting by Mike Dargas

Born in Cologne, Mike Dargas in the year 1983 is a multifaceted hyper realistic artist. He talent for drawing was apparent in adolescence as he was mesmerized by the Caravaggio, Salvador Dali, and HR Gigers likes.

Mike Dargas work is found at auction multiple times, and his portrait painting realized prices range from $606 USD to $47,500 USD, depending on the artwork medium and size. Since 2017 the record price at auction is $47,500 USD for Walking on Sunshine, that he sold in 2017 at Phillips New York.

Mike Dargas works presents a clear temporal distinction. The representations stand as indications and the images acquire an infinity essence, losing their temporal determinability.

His recent paintings include hyper-realistic representation of oversized people. The artist plays with his effects on the viewers. His works look like photographs from long and on getting closer; the portrait gives a precise observation of the work of the artist. His specialty is in the color shading and color shift that he offers to make it rich, thereby sharpens the picturesque view.

Mike Dargas studied various painting techniques right from his childhood and developed a passion to be known for his realistic painting. Over these years it transformed into hyper-realism. He gained attention right from the age of eleven as he recreated paintings of old master with chalk and pastel in front of Cologne Cathedral on the pavement.

Mike Dargas graduated from an adult art class after 18 months. He learned and honed different techniques such as 3D art and painting. He exhibited internationally throughout Belgium, Germany, Austria, UK, Turkey, Spain, and the USA. His works are also featured in many private collections and international art fairs.

This Germany-based artist, Mike Dargas experiments with different types of liquids, spreads it all over the models’ faces, to make portraits in large-scale, and the result is beyond imagination. He loves to be known as an artist as he was 11 years old and was accepted at an art school with adult people. The beauty was that he did not find them intimidating.

Mike says he loves to keep a unique realistic style as canvas portraits or oil painting. He started in 2014 and playfully developed the series. His photography has running liquids playing with the material. Besides his fascination, his art includes stylistic devices such as blur, field and exposure depth.

He works on women topics and painted male counterparts for his solo show in summer 2016 in London. He painted female portraits using liquids and his works were melancholic and dark. Now his works are light, revealing the arts strength and beauty.

Mike keeps working continuously on several works. He considers it is a way of expressing himself and he loves painting. He accepts that Caravaggio and Dalí were the reason that he focused on realism. He admired and loved their work since childhood. He feels connected to them through his artwork. He also admires living artists, but confirms the Old Masters were visionaries and pioneers of their times.

The works of Mike is getting better with each passing day, no matter whether it is Realistic Painting, oil Painting, portrait Painting. He is showing constant development and is working on more interesting areas.

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