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15 Spontaneous Hyper Realistic Oil Painting by Jacinthe Rivard

Jacinthe Rivard, native of Montreal, is a resident of Saint-Lazare. They were living in Vaudreuil-Dorion for many years. Jacinthe Rivard paints daily life objects that inspire her and shine. His desire to paint is his divine revelation and he has the attribute of giving existential meaning to his creations.

She studied fashion design for her career, so that she can be creative and can keep drawing, but she did not expect the sewing part that she disliked. In 2012, she decided that painting was her interest and worked on it without any art teachers. She practiced to grow and on getting positive responses on posting her art online, she started selling her paintings.

Jacinthe is the foremost photographer taking to creative process. She loves to play with light effects and her camera, believing that a good photo also makes a fabulous painting. Her list is lengthy and life too short, she paints in small formats 8×8 or 10×10 inches. Her paintings are sold in the United States, Canada, and Jacinthe accept orders, if she finds the subject inspiring her.

Jacinthe Rivard is an oil painter self-taught from a little town near Montreal called St-Lazare. She paints always in oils the everyday using objects. Jacinthe loves to go and find the vintage object and antiques to star her art and muse the light always. She likes the way it reflects on the metal or glass bottle or even on a plastic wrapper. She says a coke bottle is a mere coke bottle, but once you shine a spotlight, it transforms into a superstar.

Jacinthe lives in a town outside Montreal, Canada. She has painted many portraits for years. She painted Coca-Cola a pack of 6 and was overwhelmed by the response of the people that she began painting nostalgic objects.

She realized a vintage telephone reminds of someone of their first love, waiting for a call, sitting by the phone, and so on. A water gun brings younger days memories of playing on a hot summer day in the yard. It calls and inspires the younger generation by seeing different old stuff.

She loves to paint food and believes that food makes people happy. It is her art to make someone happy. A quirky title fascinates her and so she gives one for each of her paintings. She paints in oil, spends hours looking through the camera. It is exhausting to make water droplets stay on a Perrier bottle or to hold the balance of three donuts on each other.

Seeing her real life painting, you can see so much texture and brushstrokes. You will be lured to touch and feel the painting. She sold her paintings and also has won several art contests. Her art is published in the cover of magazines.

Jacinthe Rivard paints per day one small canvas. She loves to learn more formats. She wants to paint all that comes across. She gets very quickly tired of a subject. She tries to start collecting, but after painting two or three in the series, she gets distracted due to some other great idea. Her artistic approach is always different.

Jacinthe Rivard is prominent for her spontaneity and high realistic technique. She loves to create her imagination and comes back to realistic subjects that she enjoys the most.

Hyper Realistic Oil Painting

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