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15 Stunning Hyper Realistic 3D Drawing by Marcello Barenghi

3D Drawing: Marcello Barenghi drew an airplane when he was 18 months old. His airplane had a vertical stabilizer and a tridimensional moving propeller. After 10 years, he learned hyperrealism and won several drawing competitions on 3D drawing.

Marcello Barenghi’s school professors advised him to leave Italy, his native and to study abroad so that the movement of hyperrealism was diffused and appreciated more. Barenghi chose to become an architect and met with disappointments in a lot in his career. Finally, he gave up drawing and art together, while he began working as a shop assistant.

In 2013, Barenghi launched YouTube channel and uploaded his hyperrealistic 3d art drawings of daily objects such as a piece of fruit or a soda can. He was unemployed, had no expectations or goal, but to share his passion for free and did that he liked. Barenghi noticed he got 100,000 subscribers in a year and soon received attention by the media. He realized his cartoons, illustrations; paintings had Leonardo’s Mona Lisa to the Basket of Fruit of Caravaggio’s Boy.

Today, the channel of Barenghi’s has 1.7 million subscribers, and his videos receive about 200 million views. Marcello Barenghi says he realizes every week he has to give a new 3D drawing for the YouTube channel. He keeps on trying to give new tutorials for others to learn the technique.

Marcello loves hyperrealism. He says right from his childhood his goals were to draw accurately. This interest made him learn many things and he had a good technique and style of his own that he improved with the encouragement of his teacher Anna Montecroci. He says everything begins with observation and looking for the lighting enhancing the object makes it look real and beautiful.

The 3d art and drawings look simple and requires you to draw well without breaks, in a limited time keeping the paper intact and not blocking the view of the camera. Marcello Barenghi is an illustrator, drawer, garden designer, and architect. He also has several artistic techniques.

Marcello had to face a tough beginning and that led him to give up art for two decades. Later he sorted it and came in front of the world for free. Marcello Barenghi is an artist highly inspired by food, shiny objects and wrappers. His 3d artworks astonish people as they look real.

Facts about Marcello Barenghi

  • He was born in 1969 in Milan.
  • His passion for drawing was from childhood and he received encouragement from his
  • dad who also loved drawing.
  • He studied architecture
  • He started drawing his cartoon characters and favorite comics’ characters in school.
  • Marcello has more than 2.5million YouTube subscribers.
  • He says he gets fascinated by all that he sees and considers all that is in the reflections, the shadows, the lights, its shape and color.
  • Marcello finds beauty in each object and is never happy with the results.

3D Drawing Artwork by Marcello Barenghi

Some Other Artwork From Marcello Barenghi

#1 Realistic Drawing Fish by Marcello Barenghi

#2 Realistic Drawing Bird by Marcello Barenghi

#3 Realistic Drawing Kingfisher by Marcello Barenghi

#4 Realistic Drawing Joker by Marcello Barenghi

#5 Realistic Drawing Spiderman by Marcello Barenghi


#1 3D Drawing Ice Cream Sandwich


#2 3D Drawing Grapes

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