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20 Hilarious augmented reality creative illustrations by Robin Yayla

Milan based, Robin Yayla is an artist and a visual storyteller. He transforms the most iconic landmarks of the world using his digital illustrations. The Turkish origin illustrator, now in Milan shows his creative illustration and is apparent on the Instagram page.

Born in 1994, Robin Yayla is in Istanbul, Turkey. In 2017, he moved to Milan and acquired in Art and design field a Masters Degree. His illustrations are exceptional as he interprets the cities key characteristics that he saw in Europe.

His main aim is to bring a smile on the faces of people. Galata Tower, in his eyes is a rocket, while he views the Rome Colosseum turning into a Vespa, and Eiffel Tower appears like Zippers. Robin Yayla reveals the beauties that we miss all the day maintaining unique twists. He gives messages to convey by reinterpreting buildings or landmarks.

Robin’s creative illustrations makes the postcard-like landscape or buildings into something new that you will like to see it again with a smile. He ensures these have memory value and emotional pieces. The world views the landscape or buildings as a postcard view, but Yayla combines his travel and passion of drawing. He takes classic photos of the tourist places and adds extra elements to them.

The extra elements are his creative illustrations and they present a threefold effect. It offers a new function to landscapes and buildings use that are now exhausted with their aesthetic significance, but they have not missed the Instagram user’s attention and more often brings a smile.

The Folkart Towers, two twin skyscrapers are located in Izmir, the Turkish city and are the legs of Optimus Prime of the Transformers, the Tower of Pisa is shown as a large target, and while Venetian domes illustration transformation is into citrus squeezer and the cultural center of Baku, Heydar Aliyev is in the Marilyn Monroe skirt. In fact, many superheroes participate in the good Yayla fun game, but also Salvador Dali, Freddy Mercury, Jack Sparrow, and Frida Kahlo are giving new meaning to seen views.

Precisely, Robin’s creative illustrations are hilarious augmented reality. His illustrations express his creativity in his own photos and also in the ones sent to him and with the photos he discovers on social networks while browsing.

Robin Yayla NFT Art

#1 Marilyn Monroe

#2 Cowboy

#3 Elvipresley

#4 Rome Baby

#5 Peace

#6 Dance of Crane

#7 Freddie Mercury

#8 Footwear

#9 Spider Bridge

#10 Queen

#11 Sid Airways

#12 Come and Play With Me

#13 Soon

#14 Hye

#15 Karate

#16 Tree Drying

#17 Blowing

#18 Concrete Waves

#19 Dali

#20 Frida Kahlo

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