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15 Highly Inspiring 3D Models by Carlos Ortega Elizalde

Carlos Ortega Elizalde is a self taught graphic designer and 3D Model artist from Mexico.  He completed his studies in Graphic Design and as he discovered 3D, it became his passion that he learned all by himself in his free time by using internet tutorials, books, and documentation. He is prominent for his character designs rendered in 3D.

Carlos Ortega Elizalde is a 3D Mexican artist and illustrator. He is highly inspired by animation and is passionate for light, color, and character appeal. His work receives awards on CGSociety and appears as specialized publications such as 3D World, 3D Artist, Exotique and Ballistic’s Expose that the acquired the award Fantasy Femmes Master award on the last edition.

Carlos Ortega Elizalde worked as lighting artist and lead character in Mexico in a major animated film and is now working as a freelance character artist for cinematic and advertising, short films, collaborating with studios across North, Europe, Asia, and South America.

Carlos Ortega Elizalde devotes his practice and study to 3D software using ZBrush, Mudbox, Maya, Arnold, Marvelous Designer, FurryBall, and Mental Ray. He has big respect and admiration for people behind the scenes. He dreams to be an artist and wishes to create tutorials online for the CG aspiring artists.

Carlos went freelance as he had a flexible schedule and comfortable constant income. He did not have anybody to ask or a mentor to teach or guide him about 3D Model, and so he took a lot of self-learning time. He learnt the basics and slowly understood the complex things. Carlos says it is not easy to freelance as you have to maintain a discipline and also motivation. He wishes to give back that he learnt in the form of a tutorial or course.

3D Model Girl Character Design

To Know More About Carlos Ortega: Website | Instagram


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