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10 Harmonious Creations of Creative Drawings by Pietro Cataudella

Creative Drawing: Pietro Cataudella is a 29 year old Italian artist. He is a graphic designer, content creator and illustrator living in Pisa, Italy. Pietro Cataudella did not study illustration, art or architecture. He is not any degree holder in geology. He acquired the skills all by himself.

The beauty is that this Italian artist found his way to his talents. He travels a lot and this artist immortalizes his experienced through photographs. He blends them with his drawings and brings out 3D incredible artworks from famous landmarks.

Pietro works with several international brands, digital agencies, museums or tourism agencies. He also manages his project called CityLiveSketch, he developed in 2014. It has few simple sketches and that he developed into complex drawings. He combined different techniques of art. The project aim is to reveal the characteristic views of iconic places in the world that is enveloping us. Pietro uses the simple photos and also the drawings on a travel sketchbook. Pietro improved his drawing skills with every passing year. It was apparent in his simplest sketches that transformed into beautiful complex drawings giving full details.

Pietro’s project, @CityLiveSketch, was launched in 2014 and he decided to create creative and different contents to share with his followers and friends. He combined his passions for photography and drawing, created “postcards 2.0” for the places he visited. He also continued with sharing the beauty of his drawing.

Pietro believes in creating and expressing feelings such that he amazes people with his images. A simple idea is to think of the real beauty. He says that creating drafts and taking it to the final image on paper is not an easy process. It requires one to place in a harmonious way all the elements. He does it with utmost care, and combines the photo in Photoshop.

Pietro asks beginners to have patience, practice a lot, and to spend time in improving their art. It helps in creating something new. He says he looks at his old photos that he had taken during travels and tries to find some new inspiration from it. When he is not able to come with ideas, he takes a walk or travels taking new photos by editing his drawings. Pietro tries to finding in everything some inspiration. He loves listening to music, reading a book, watching or traveling a film.

He finds satisfaction in overcoming some difficulty by finding new idea. It is not easy to create all that you see or appears to your mind at times. Pietro takes time, selects few ideas, and realizes them during the evening or weekend.

Pietro is modest and says he is not an expert as he did not study drawing, art, or such disciplines relating to art. He says it is his practice, his wish to work on new techniques, use drawing tools, and to experiment new things that has bought results. Pietro says his success is because of his love for drawing landscape and buildings with pens and pencils.

He creates with body using a pencil representing geometric simple shapes. From, there he begins to include other simple lines and gives more details using pen. He does not miss even the smallest. Finally he adds shades using either, pens or pencil. He says his art reflects his personality as he draws only that he likes.

Creative Drawings

Creative Drawing Lumiere of Pisa by Pietro Cataudella
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