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Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival-China

Cultural revolution brought many changes in the world especially in 1980s. One such change is the Harbin Latern festival after the re-inauguration of traditional ice Latern show. The propaganda department witnessed that the people from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan where more interested in snow than the ice lantern. The consequence of this idea brought forth the Harbin International ice and snow festival. The first show of this was inaugurated in the year 1985. The prominent feature of this festival is that it is regarded as the world’s largest ice and snow festival with an objective and it takes place every annual winter. In the beginning only the Chinese paid attention to this festival but later it changed.

As this festival was internationally popularised, every people from every corner of the world took a great interest in it. In the year 2018 there were about 18 million people participating in this festival. This took a great Hike of about 28.7 billion Yuan of income. Also the words biggest ice sculptures are included in this festival.


The ice festival starts by January 5 and ends in February. The ice sculptures are are mainly exhibited in two areas :

  • To the opposite of Songhua river, there is a recreational area called sun island which is known for enormous kinds of snow sculptures.
  • The ice and snow world made up of two to three thick ice of illuminated buildings is open at noon and night.
  • The ice blocks are directly taken from the Songhua river.


  • The workers collect the ice blocks from the river and takes them to the place where it has to be built. Small and large ice blocks are merged together to get the desired shape and dimension. The ice blocks are shaped and polished to present the visitors.
  • Small ice sculptures are left to melt naturally as it may cause severe damage. Winter in Harbin stays till
  • march and april and the temperature is below 0°C and the sculptures and they stay unmelted.


  • Harbin Ice festival got its new name “Harbin International Ice and Snow festival when it merged with Heliongjiang’s Ski Festival.
  • It was awarded Guinness world record for world’s largest snow sculpture in the commorating Canadian doctor Norman Bethune.
  • The festival celebrated its 30th anniversary holding the Motif”50 year ice snow charming Harbin in 2014. Various competitions and expos took place from December to February. It celebrated 35th annual festival in 2019 and 36th year in 2020. Now the festival is marked as one of the world’s top winter festival joining Japan,Canada China.All the sculptures were produced by pulling ice blocks from the Songhua River.

#1 Ice Sculpture Changchun City

#2 Ice Sculpture Changchun City

#3 Harbin Ice Festival Sculpture

#4 Temples

#5 Ice Sculpture City

#6 Castles

#7 Castle



#10 Mosque


#12 Statue

#13 Angel


#15 Car


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