Realistic Glass Painting Silvia Popescu
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20 Gorgeous Realistic Glass Painting by Silvia Popescu

A Romanian artist, Silvia Popescu creates realistic glass painting. Born in Bucharest, she started painting very soon. Art ran in her family, her late grandfather was a sculptor and though she never met him, her mother taught her the painting basics. Silvia started painting from the day she could hold in her hand a paintbrush.

After graduation from Bucharest, The Academy of Fine Arts, She began working in graphic design, and web design. She also was a cake decorator for some time. It was for her son’s amusement that she started painting on realistic animals and the painting she stopped when she had a baby was not too long that she began painting with her son.

With her son growing, he asked her to buy a fish for him. She could not afford a fish tank, so she painted one on a sippy cup and it appeared realistic. Her dad asked her why did you put in a glass a poor fish? Actually, it was the painting she had done and it looked so realistic that her dad though it for real. Truly this was the biggest compliment for Silvia.

Later, the sippy cup became her son’s favorite toy, but did not last longer. It was the beginning for her to start painting on glass and there was nothing to stop or turn back from this step for her. Besides, soon her son also joined her and they started painting together.

It is like therapy for her and she paints on everything and never stops, until it is inevitable to stop. She also realized that glass was a perfect surface to paint and it offered an extra depth and dimension. Silvia decorates jugs, glasses, and jars with realistic paintings of animals, fishes, turtles, and octopuses.

Artists use special paining methods and materials to create new art works. The painting materials are different and so are the methods resulting in difference on paining on paper or canvas. Painting on glass materials is not new. In China, a traditional process of painting is the snuff bottle. The artist makes use of painting materials to paint in a narrow glass bottle delicate works.

Silvia Popescu painted animals on the glass look dynamic and realistic. It attracts many people’s attention. However, for the glass paintings learning from china snuff bottle paintings is the right path of learning.

You can check Instagram for more works of Silvia and her Realistic Glass Painting works are on Etsy to shop.

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