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25 Gorgeous Fashion Illustrations Drawing Art by Jaesuk Kim

Sydney-based illustrator, Jaesuk Kim collaborated with brands such as Chanel and Gucii. He is known for his watercolor creations. People into fashion are sure to be aware of his magical
fashion illustrations. No matter, whether it is Cartier, Gucci, Lancome or Bulgari, the whimsical art piece of Kim appears in different campaigns.

Born in Seoul Jaesuk Kim, 29 is living and working in cities as fashion or beauty advertising art director and interior designer. He loved drawing from his childhoold, but started only when he was eight years old. A time-lapse video of his creations was his signature watercolor gown drawings on the official account of Instagram. The video was viewed over 6.5 million times.

Kim creates swirlign gowns in the series Susu Girls and it is on his Instagram account. The beauty is that his imaginary muses begin with a silhouette and is depicted to donning as the best couture of the season and are also one of the finest runway collections.

Renowned fashion illustrator , Kim had an obsession with the handbags and wished to design on his own. Thus, he began designing quirky bags in a series under the Susu name and he illustrated the girl type to carry the bag.

The celebrated series graced digital and social content campaigns for brands such as Bulgari, Cartier, and Chanel, and international print editions. His favorite techniques presents creative arts as he uses a watercolor brush pen. He loves adding lines, shapes, and textures spontaneously to create fluid and abstract form to represent dresses.

He is aware that even his blunders will bring out something delightful unexpectedly. He believes that the watercolor adds a special touch even if there is a mistake. All the ethereal garments he creates are water-based and have vibrant color explosions. The pigment is freely flowing over the page and the diffused edges look embracing the lightweight fabrics.

He also encourages other artists and asks them to never fear mistakes. He says focus and stay true to your work. His work from acrylic to ceramic to flowers on the silhouettes are hand drawn Susu Girls. Kim has been using flowers to illustrate Susu Girls as the main medium lately. When he was asked to do the main motif of Vogue Singapore, he incorporated the real orchid flowers to celebrate the launch of Vogue Singapore. He depicts a dress couture-like.

It is his whimsical fashion illustrations gracing the biggest fashion names such as Chane, Cartier, and more. He dreams on his iconic Susu Girls for couture-like, exquisite gown. Especially the cascading dress of the Singapore orchid petals beholds the viewers sight and sends a subtle message of using petals of its bloo, the way it blossoms from seed to flower.

He loves traveling to different places and to work or visit friends and family. He believes that creative art allows to express and think freely, even during hard times. It will bring positive energy and he found it effective during Pandemic stages as he received messages in lots saying his work was brightening their days in the lockdown period. Thus, yes, he believes creativity is essential to handle rough times.

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