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15 Glamorous representations of a Dynamic Portrait Artist, Gabriel Wickbold

A Sao Paulo native is Gabriel Wickbold, who followed his passion and choice and not the footsteps of his family that is at the helm of Wickbold for over 70 years, producing industrialized breads.

A young super talented 25 years old is Gabriel Wickbold. He is a dynamic portrait artist from Brazil taking the most sensual, colorful and expressive pictures. He is creative to the extent that he spills a bucket of paint to get one perfect shot.

He is a professional photographer; he worked with different artistic languages, began writing poetry, and started as a musician. He graduated in TV broadcasting and did not study photography, but the photographic techniques for him were basic that he knew the difference of composition and feeling.

Gabriel at the age of 12 wished to become a poet. He started a band as a teenager and nurtured for a long time the desire to become a musician. However, at 21, he took the car during the faculty of Radio and TV at FAAP and traveled 10 thousand kilometers, where he began following the San Francisco River and Photographing riverside communities.

The trip idea came as he had a conversation with Rubens Fernandes Jr, a director of the Communication and Marketing faculty at FAAP and photography critic. He says after the conversation, he gave Gabriel the focus to work. He spent 35 days on road and gave Brasileiros, the photographic series. It was the first project. Besides to this , he already had many on ad campaigns and photographed personalities such as Fernanda and Ronaldo Paes Leme.

Though he did not study photography, he started using his intuition. At age 30, he made at FAAP important contact and had a strong teamwork in the Radio and TV universe.

The 35 days on the road yielded the photographic series Brasileiros– the first of many projects by Gabriel. In addition to these projects, he has already clicked on advertising

Gabriel Wickbold explores human body, technology, sexuality, and spirituality through his dynamic portrait photographs. In 2006, Brasileiros was his first series shot in Brazil along the Sao Francisco river. He provided an experimental, expressive style of documentary photography in his depictions about the people living in the region.

He turned to advertising and fashion photography. He is popular for his fantastical and glamorous representations of bodies covered in glitter and paint. His models include Brazil’s prominent tv personalities and most famous actors, such as Didi Wagner, Fernanda Paes Leme, Adriana Bombom, and Daniela Albuquerque. His photographs are intense and present scintillating colors, in post-production. In 2020, the Museu de Arte Brasileira honored a survey of his work.

Sarah Moreira Worked at Gabriel's studio as an executive producer, before opening her own company, Biscuit Eventos. Sarah says Gabriel is highly talented and has professional experience.
If he got at 10 am an idea, he ensures executing it by 2 pm. She gives him all the credit that she
gained fundamental readiness to start her own company.

In this miraculous world, man can transform into a fallen leaf or grass, his hair can transform into ripe wheat, and exotic orchids bloom on his forehead, representing the works of Gabriel Wickbold’s. The artist demonstrates clearly the Universe is neither centripetal nor centrifugal, and man is another tiny loop in the cobweb world. Wickbold’s characters lead the watermarks of life visible on a paper and he validates the teachings at school: matter exists in the world and is undivided, yet changing.

There are numerous dynamic art works of Gabriel Wickbold’s offering a rare chance to experience the epiphany of belonging to some perception of nature. However, it is simple and striking to get the intuitive grasp of reality through something.

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