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10 Beholding Sights of Funny Photo Manipulation of Cats by Koty Vezde

Funny Photo Manipulation: Koty Vezde means Cats are everywhere. You can find the funniest and the best amazing photo manipulations featuring furry cat faces on random things and animals. It is time to lift your spirits high. Upvote for your favorites and you will find plenty of cute cat pictures as funny photo manipulation.

The page of KotyVezde, the 29-year-old founder, is Galina Bugaevskaya, living in Moscow to talk about her cat’s passion. She says that the idea of cats was spontaneous and was the inspiration that now there is Koty Vezde, ‘Cats are Everywhere’ page. She says she has been creating funny things in Photoshop. It includes many adorably funny animals.

The Instagram accounts of the cat faces were Photoshops on random items, food, and animals that it was hilarious. Koty Vezde, within a year had more than 4K followers and it helped to join ranks as well. It has ice cream, chickens, pandas, and hedgehogs, and everything was made better by adding the face of a cat.

Galina Bugaevskaya was the Instagram page Koty Vezde creator living in Moscow. She edits photos and adds something special such that it includes Photoshop of animals with cat eyes and it looks stunning. She received much appreciation for this change. In fact, different countries have started publishing articles using her collages. She receives warm comments in plenty for her work and is happy to have more than 50k subscribers loving her transformations.

She believes cats are divine creatures, soft, cute, and murmuring. She has in her family Filya and Puchok, and Umka, a white Persian cat, bearing the name after her bear cub from Soviet cartoon. She is gaining widespread recognition for the art she is doing using the computer.

The Russian artist, Koty Vezde has a passion for cats and her skills are put to the right use. She superimposes the faces of cats on various animal bodies. Koty puts the face of a Kitty on a sheep or penguins body. It looks cool. She says she hears once that cats are the pillars that the internet rests in a TV show, but the artist says they are found everywhere and are more popular in comparison to the dogs. It is the reason she always comes with funny photomanipulation and makes images on the phrase cats are everywhere.

Eventually, she realized many people loved her art and wished her Instagram account success that she already has over 89,000 followers. She finds the warm words to be inspiring.

Funny Photo Manipulation

Funny Photo Manipulation Catana by Koty Vezde
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Funny Photo Manipulation Catana by Koty Vezde

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