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15 Funny and Creative 3D Character Design by Guzz Soares

Guzz Soares is a freelance 3D character design artist offering an insight into the challenges and character-inspirations encountered in the digital arts career.

Guzz Soares is working as a freelancer 3D artist and living in the Sao Paulo countryside, Brazil. He completed his graduation in Business Management. Later he began using 3D software and decided to mot to focus on something that he liked to learn further.

Guzz Soares accepts that he was a huge fan of 3D movies right from his childhood and he was watching Toy Story from Pixar. However, the moment he saw Kaya, the animation, the decided he wants to do it. He prefers using ZBrush for sculpting, Photoshop and After Effects for post-production, and 3ds Max for rendering and modeling.

Guzz Soares says his journey from Business Management to ZBrush character includes a lot of inspirations and challenges along the way. He says it was crazy to try new techniques and to face new challenges, besides keeping to working every day on new stuff.

Guzz Soares find a lot of artists inspiring such as Victor Hugo Sousa, Fausto de Martini, Rafael Ghencev, Bruno Camara, Kris Costa, Leticia Reinaldo, Gilberto Magno, Rafael Grassetti, Marco di lucca, and Gio Nakpil,.

He began his animation studying and learnt traditional sculpture. He admits it is worth learning. Guzz Soars is a 3D character modeler artist having a strong passion for art, no matter, whether it is traditional or digital. On using the 3D software, he addressed his long-standing hobby.

After being shortly employed at Techno Image, a Brazilian image production house, as a 3D Artist Gustavo is now working as a freelancer. His top brands clients include Nickelodeon Jr and Nickelodeon, Dreamworks TV, Aardman Animations, Mindbender, and more.

He gained prominence for his clay-looking 3D sculptures that are detailed actually got fingerprint marks.

#1 Joker















To Know More Guzz Soares Visit: ArtStation | Behance


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