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Fantasy Digital Artwork Brazilian Artist by Fabio Danielato

Fantasy Digital Art: Fabio Danielato was born in Latina, Italy, in 1979. In 2004, he did his graduation at the Rome Fine Arts Academy on oil painting. In 2007, he started producing digital art. Now his illustrations have found a place in many magazines and books around the world from many well-known publishing companies such as MacMillian, Nelson Evergreen, Pearson Miles Kelly, Bill Studio Group, and so on.

Fantasy digital art has a great place in the video games. It has the villain and the hero in many different forms. They are mostly appearing with lot of weapons and can do super human capabilities. There are many artists in the digital art. Yet, with fantasy digital art you can bring out a creative world that is never explored. It is sure to delight the viewer, inspire, and make hearts leap. There is unique beauty and potential for fantasy digital artists.

Fantasy digital art presents the mixture of direct observation and imagination. The reality is presented in an unrealistic, fanciful, dreamy, fantastic, and wistful feeling. It is the imaginations that come on the surface taking to fantasy art. This art is about being highly creative and imaginative such that the character or the art should appear impressive and non-static. It has a mix of some culture and modern art bringing a change in the real appearance. The fantasy digital art looks great in a unique way. They reveal the brilliance of the artist’s imagination.

The digital art now is using computers and fine tuning. There is a need for the right canvas size, resolution, and different brush strokes to bring to your digital paintings the magic effect. However, it depends on choosing for the digital painting the right resolution. To get clarity of a picture the software resolution should be perfect. The blurred effect of digital paintings is reduced to lengths as the digital paintings are accessible with different gadgets online.

The digital professional artists get their effects by using simple brush strokes. They use complicated brush strokes as well to get the best digital paintings. The methods of traditional painting can be done using many brushes, so anyone looking to pain a lion fur can create using a manual canvas. However, the same in digital paintings, the artists uses a custom brush to give the strokes. It is easily available as the download and you can fine tune your paintings.

Fantasy Digital Art-Fabio Danielato

Fantasy Digital Art Luthor by Fabio Danielato
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Fantasy Digital Art Luthor by Fabio Danielato

To Know More About Fabio Danielato: Devianart | Behance

Source: https://www.deviantart.com/danielat0


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