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Eye-grabbing 15 Packaging Designs indicating the Rising Trends of Graphic Designs

Packaging is an art of packing or covering items. The packaging work as the motivational triggers as most brands use colors that are attention-grabbing. There is a need for eco-friendly packaging material so that it receives good response from customers.

Today, there are several packaging companies offering at affordable prices excellent packaging. Whether it is an energy drink packaging or an innovative product packaging design, there is a need for a standout packaging design to inspire buyers. It is essential to have an effective design to see success and so creating a brand image helps the product to stand out from its competitors. Here are a few best print packaging ads, explore the graphic designs and the rising trends.

01. Manos de Cacao

Manos de Cacao, the premium brand of bean-to-bar chocolate wanted eye-grabbing and timeless packaging. Thus, Anagrama, the Mexico-based studio, influenced by the production process of the company, came with a combination of vibrant color palette, messy handmade textures and fresh layouts. It presents sophistication stirring up an organic undertone.

02. Halo

Halo is a brewery taking the traditional beer recipes that have rare styles and experiments with its ingredients. The brewery was looking for an approachable brand so that it welcomes its inquisitive visitors to their bottle shop and taproom. Thus, they evolved with new labels, logo, and packaging featuring unexpected colors, geometric patterns, modern, energetic look that is a bit defiant. Underline Studio found an abstract way to present the craft beer and represented it graphically making it stand apart visually.

03. Brandless

Brandless is an US company that keeps to minimalism with its white space designs. The trademarking of white space in its home and food items makes it distinct. Interestingly, this time there is a change in the identity. Brooklyn agency Red Antler co-designed the product and created a single color featuring the design of white box design on top. Now the text is readable as the underneath color is peeking through of this beautiful Brandless transformation.

4. Nike Air

Nike Air is the renowned sneaker designs. However, aiming to get away from its regular style shoebox, they came up with a new brand. Scholz&Friends, the Berlin-based agency emerged with an innovative packaging design that will miss no trainer’s eye. The aspect of ‘Air’ with the sneakers inside the air-tight plastic bag offers a figment of imagination of floating trainers. It highlights the Air cushioning, thereby reduces the damage risk even while shipping.

5. Leafs by Snoop

With the cannabis becoming in the USA le illegal, the branding of cannabis is increasing widely. It is also now coming with complete packaging. Pentagram came in through Snoop Dogg to design the packaging and to create brand identity for Leafs by Snoop, the cannabis products. The designs of Pentagram include a leaf-based logo that is unique and includes the animated version. There are plush-looking weed boxes, a range of edibles featuring six chocolate bars and cannabis sweets, the Dogg Treats.

6. Spine Vodka

Vodka brand get an inspirational packaging from Johannes Schulz, the German designer for Spine Vodka. Spine is a product of high quality that receives a simple twist, and has an accurate name. Johannes Schulz explains that he started this project after his graduation in Hamburg International communication design school. He integrated with the ribcage the spine and gave the product a 3D design featuring a ‘backbone’ image, that it overpowers its competitor’s designs. The glass material is transparent and so nothing is concealed.

7. Who Gives a Crap

Garbett is famous for his packaging and illustrations. Now for the special edition toilet paper range by the name ‘Who Gives a Crap’ is designed by Garbett. This toilet paper is from an Australian company producing paper towels, environmentally friendly tissues, and toilet paper is donating to places lacking toilets, to build new, by giving half of its profits. It is known as The Play Edition, and the design idea was an inspiration from the mix-and-match books, such that it is stacked in different ways to make whimsical characters. Garbett says children will be enthused and the outer carton is recyclable.

8. Poilu paintbrushes

Paintbrushes are dyed creating a beard. It is an excellent packaging design coming from Simon Laliberte offering the two paintbrushes assembling using one cardboard piece, printed on both sides. The paintbrushes natural hairs are dyed giving a moustache illusion and beard in combination. There is a noteworthy font on the handle top.

9. Mighty Nuts

The pistachio packaging design was based on user function and experience. This design was created by Maija Rozenfelde, a student, as she was completing at Pratt Institute her packaging design degree. She says, she focused on the function and user experience. The intention was to depict the pistachios crunchiness through graphics and made use of the hand-made type treatment.


10. Allsorts Black and White

Liquorice Allsorts received a facelift from Bond Creative Agency in 2014 for a Nordic region leading confectionary company. The new packaging gave the traditional sweets distinguishing colors and shapes, presenting a modern design. The recent update for Black and White Cloetta edition has similar theme, without the color stripped. It has the matt finishing and silver print offering a classy touch to the functional cardboard.

11. Utopick Chocolates

This chocolate packaging highlights the Origami theme. Lavernia & Cienfuegos, based in Valencia, Spain, is a multidisciplinary design studio. It specializes in product, graphic, and packaging design. As Paco Llopis, the master chocolatier needed a new packaging design for his products; he started stopping at all the places. He already had a ship as the icon denoting the adventure of spirit and giving a long journey cocoa pods hint to reach the chocolatier. Lavernia & Cienfuegos gave an origami version of the ship, and it was the Utopick package for the batches creating a unique way of paper folding to wrap the bars.

The paper folds created on the design front two triangles with their own texture and color, thereby personalizing the bars.

12. Colors

Beck’s latest album Colors now has a customizable sleeve record created by Jimmy Turrell and Steve Stacey. It has different layers of die-cut colors, the cover is assembled by listeners into a bespoke sleeve. Beck was open to experimenting that they took a range of things into understanding, including childhood games such as Connect 4 and Ludo.

13. Cameron’s Brewing

Cameron’s Brewing started declining with the growth of market. There was a need for brand-new identity as it grabs attention. Cactus emerged with a solution, it ditched the bottles and aiming to increase the shelf presence came with beer in cans, and chose to give a new look. Now each beer is given a bright color palette, and these products appear unique. Beer naming also adds personality and this strategy works for its apparel, advertising, social media, and digital applications.

14. Kololak House Wine

Representing the folk and ethnic art of Aremenian is the packaging. Kololak refers to round shape, meatball, and the round design represents it. The collection is of house fruit wines in a restaurant, and each wine has an individual identity fitting the concept of the restaurant. The branding team focused on manuscripts, miniature, and calligraphy. The illustrations hand-drawn and calligraphy refer to famous quotes and the wine serving and feasting culture. The bottles feature round corks, symbolizing Kololak and it unifies the packaging.


15. CS Light Bulbs Packaging Design 

These light bulbs are in clever boxes with insect illustrations. They have a utilitarian packaging, producing by CS, Belarus electrical company. It boasts of attractive boxes as packaging design. Angelina Pischikova designed it, with Anna Orlovskaya giving line illustrations. This packaging is amazing with insects as detailed drawing and the bulbs are paired with bugs as per their size and shape. The thin, long bulbs are placed in dragonfly boxes, while the energy saving bulb in coiled stripes are shown as a bumble bee abdomen.

Source: magazinedirect.com


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