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15 Expressive illustration of Watercolor Painting by Luqman Reza

Luqman Reza is known as Jongkie, an illustrator&artist from Kota Wisata Batu, Indonesia. He acquired appreciation and recognition on Instagram, the popular social networking site for his unique style in watercolor painting. His style is exemplified by not replicating the picture he uses; instead he adds his signature style and imagination giving a magic effect. He also refers his work as ‘fantasy world’. It is evident that the message, concept, and styles stay captured in every work that he produces.

Luqman Reza says he likes sharing his vision and loves to inspire people through illustration. He does not imagine turning his passion and hobby into successful business. His dream is a reality as more people start noticing their work. He works on multi-global basis world-wide with different people and all this reveals his passion for his work. His artwork prints are available on request.

Luqman Reza says as a little boy, he lived in a modest little family in the countryside. His parents did not buy fancy toys as they did not have money. But, his mother gave him a set of markers and drawing book that from that moment he spent most of his time perfecting drawing techniques and spent time sketching, than playing. A piece of paper may be filled with anything and as a boy he enjoyed this freedom of building his imagination on the paper and found his joy of life. As a kindergarten student, Luqman Reza until high school harnessed his skill all by
himself. He also tried using various mediums such as crayons, pencils, and oil. Finally, one day, he discovered watercolor painting and he settled for it, regardless of its specific difficulties. He acquired his Bachelor degree in architecture from University of Brawijaya, Indonesia.

The watercolor paintings that he does are done with a free hand. He does not pay attention to the techniques and rules. He just grasps the character of the paper, the watercolor, and the water as the drawings present an expressive, wet, and unpredictable character. To make any colorful and expressive painting, he uses wet on wet technique mostly and allows the water run on the paper freely and plays with splashes. Sometimes this does not meet his plan and he enjoys it as he finds the beauty in such things that makes his art unique. He believes in understanding the watercolor reach to conquer it easily.

Luqman Reza is an inspiration and it comes from anywhere. Nature provides plentiful inspirations with adorable animals and living creatures in the open that excites him the most. He says he is also a touchy and emotional person that falls for beautiful things easily, while he sheds tears on reading a sad novel or watching some fiction or sorrowful even in life. Creating watercolor painting containing life stories is like metaphors and he turns an ordinary picture into artistic illustration.


Indonesia Spirit in Watercolor, August 2014 (National Group Exhibition) at Centara Budaya, Denpasar, Indonesia.
– The 1st International Watercolor Society India Biennale 2015 “Harmony Through Watercolor 2015”, December, at AIFACS, New Delhi.
– Love Earth, September 2015 (International Group Exhibition) at Galeri Nasional, Jakarta, Indonesia, held by IWS Indonesia.
– Metafora – Mei 2015, Solo Exhibition at Galeri Raos Kota Batu, Indonesia.
– Love Earth, October 2015 (International Group Exhibition) at Centara Budaya, Denpasar, Indonesia, held by IWS Indonesia.

Watercolor Painting by Luqman Reza

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