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20 Expression and Vitality filled Wood Sculptures by Han Hsu tung

A Taiwanese talented wood carving artist, Han Hsu Tung is respected highly in the West. He is famous for his wood blocks building in complex arrangements and he uses traditional carving techniques to create thought provoking and vivid art pieces. His artworks explores how the electronic devices are affecting the society and shows each block denoting a pixel, and how a device fails as the number of pixels are more on the screen.

The woodcarving path thirty years ago was not supported. Yet Hsu Tung Han did not give up his passion. He kept on working on the wood carvings and held in Taipei his first exhibition in 1991 and the success of this exhibition was the stepping stone to his success and to purse in wood carving his future career.

Since 2006, this Taiwanese artist has been uploading his pixelated wood sculptures to the internet. It is made of wood, and the carved figurative works display an encounter between the digital and analogue world representing a sense of movement and displacement. The latest example is a freestanding massive ear that joins human figures collection against mobile phones, oversized horses, hands, and birds among others.

The crafts of Hsu Tung Han are intricate pixelated wood sculptures. He sketches them and plans before building a clay model. He uses teak, walnut, or African wax wood to sculpt the wood to make sculptures. He is artistic to create crafts like puzzle and it dissolves into the pixels meadow appearing to defy gravity.

His love for woodcarving was from the time he was a teenager. After his high school graduation, he gave up ​​studying Fine Arts. Instead, he selected his major in Anthropology at National Taiwan University. He worked a daytime job to support himself, and at night, he focuses on woodcarving. He made detailed sketches for many years and captured human body structure and facial expressions. He started putting ideas on paper and on completion, began sculpting.

He has now 20+ years of wood carving experience and his carving maximizes to three-dimensional sculpture, adding a vivid and flexible touch. His sculptures reveal his spirit and ‘Catcher’ is one of his sculptures that are full of vitality expressing the pixilation spirit.

His superb techniques and innovative ideas have made him today a leader in woodcarving art world. His works are exhibited in Taipei, Seoul, Los Angeles, Spain, Paris, Japan, New York, Australia, Vancouver, and many more major cities around the world.

He has a compassionate heart towards humankind and is a keen observer. He portrays common people true to life. His earlier works were about the late Qing Dynasty people. He believes at that time people deeply influenced our generation as they were living a time of great change. Later, to make a living he noticed people pulled rickshaws and some performed on the streets. In this way, he saw many ordinary characters after the Chinese history struggles and these gave life to wood sculpting for Hsu Tung Han’s knives. He made powerful interpretation of life of that era.

Ten years ago, Hsu Tung Han’s father passed away; and he conceived the pixelation idea. He started using the recycled wood, and wooden blocks to carve his sculptures. Initially, he encountered many challenges from wood selection to cutting, and choosing the proper glue. He later studied how to add motors to his sculptures to add a kinetic dimension. However, it is in its experimental stage and is not exhibited.

Hsu Tung Han, as an artist, refuses to compromise. He hates taking orders and does not chase the trends. Hsu Tung Han creates that he likes. He does not hide his techniques and is ready to shares his experience on social media. In He believes in helping other people to learn to carve, save time, reduce frustration, and so young people can develop their own vision instead of just pursuing speedy success and transient enjoyment.

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