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20 Expression and Depth of Animals Eyes Brought Live as Wildlife Art by Janet

Born in 1981 in Canberra, Janet is 34 years old. She grew up in an artist’s family. Her grandparents were artists; her mother, her brother and sister are artists. Janet’s mother believed that drawing is the way to beat loneliness and one would never get bored. She placed a Derwent pencils box on the table and said only if the pencils were used properly, they were special. Janet says, till this day, she loves opening a new Derwent pencils box.

She confirms that the driving force at an early age behind her drawing was to compete with her sister. Her sister was seven year senior to Janet and she disliked any extra attention received. One day, Janet’s mother praised the picture of her sisters than her own drawing and this triggered Janet. At very young age also, Janet was extremely headstrong and made better decisions.

As Janet reached high school, her teachers could not ignore her potential. Janet pursued her drawing and requested one day to driver her over two hours away to Mogo Zoo that was on the South Coast. Janet sketched for hours and it would come up only with a nose or an eye as Wildlife painting.

She received no formal art training and has been working for many years on her craft. It brings joy to Janet and her clients as she comes ahead to share her skills. It is very useful as they are her success steps. Janet is the creator of Ligerwolve Designs, a perfect professional.

Today, Janet Thatcher is a wildlife artist from Australia and is working on different styles and mediums. She has the confidence in her eyes as she honed her skills to face the most incredible animals that disappear at a blink. She connects with the wild and finds animals inspiring her drawing.

Janet has the skills to capture the inquisitive eyes, the wet fur sheen, such that she captures the expression and depth of any animal’s eyes. She did a television series Put Some Color in Your Life, and one day randomly she received and email “You’re going to the moon.”

She started in 2009 her business of Animal Painting and her vision was to build artists minds library to preserve a digital record of culture, creative spirit, and future generation’s techniques. The Lunar Codex is for future generations to watch. It is a project on preserving creative arts.

The entire project will show over 5000 creative’s sent in three lunar capsules to the moon, as three separate missions.

“The Lunar Codex says that despite pandemics, wars, and climate upheaval, humankind found
time to create art and also to dream.”

With her love for animal behaviors and having an eye for artwork and details, she was invited on Put Some Color In Your Life television show to share her techniques. The show cost is $5500 and it is a big amount for single moms with two kids. This episode will soon be there online for Australia. Her www.facebook.com/Ligerwolvedesigns has lots, anyone can reach her to ask questions on this facebook page and make over $50.00 donations to get a signed post card with ‘innocent’ image on it.

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