3d concept art Amr Hany
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Explicit 3D Concept Art in Contrasting colors by Amr Hany

A freelance 3D artist is Amr Hany, currently spending his life and time in Cairo the moody city. Amr Hany is experimenting, expanding, and learning artistic skills for countless hours.

Amr Hany creates personal styles and that is well described as dark, romantic fusion, yet elegant. He has a sharp eye that he does not miss out any intricate detail. His style includes bold contrasting color choice and his works are referred to as hyperreal.

His eye is paired with digital photography and includes the Lego construction delicate art. He spends his time expanding creative pathways and is trying to bring out exciting new projects as inspiration.

The artistic hunger or Amr Hany is led by his overactive imagination. It is a distinct source of inspiration and creativity in the illustration community. His endeavors aim at pushing his 3D artistic boundaries and throughout the career. He also loves to collaborate mindest artists sharing dark humor, passion for authenticity, and a willingness to experiment new mediums and styles.

Amr works on his personal passion projects and his latest client briefs. More than that you can find him fidgeting with his new gadgets and he keeps exploring new lands in PC games and in reality. If not, he also catches up at his local pub with his pals grabbing a pint.

#1 Future Ancient

#2 Hope

#3 Ramsiss 2

#4 Woman Rise 2

#5 The Beauty of Dreams

#6 Space Sunset

#7 Destruction

#8 Dolphin Sunset

#9 Space Fish

#10 Pyramid Snow

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