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20 Exceptional Digital Portrait Painting by Wayne Flint

Wayne Flint Born in San Antonio, Texas, He is an elite digital painter. He lives in Houston and works as visual artist and gallery coordinator. His inspiration is in wildlife art, impressionism paintings, portraits, and people with style.

Celebrity NFT Artist based in Central Texas is Wayne Flint. He specializes in digital painting, portraiture, digital artistry, and illustrations. He has over 10 years experience that makes his exceptional. He created oil paintings of celebrities and his works has the exact moment captured in a beautiful manner.

Wayne Flint started with his art practice in 2006 and initiated with mobile designing software and computer technologies, focusing for Android and Apple devices. But he received lots of requests for Digital Portrait Painting that he enjoyed following this art and realized he loved pursuing his career in the same field.

His digital portrait paintings are displayed, commercialized on furniture, clothing, and lots more. All his works appear full of energy and some time a bit quirky. Wayne works using a customized digital tablet and Adobe software for his digital painting. His works are publish in several magazines relating to the art world and are exhibited across the United States at the shows.

Wayne is featured in the adobe-curated gallery in two categories 20 times, The Photoshop Curated Gallery & the Adobe Fresco Curated Gallery. He paints premium illustrations of animals, humans, landscapes and NFT’s.

Wayne expresses his love for humanity and animal kingdom contributing to impact all. He says it was an unintentional path discovered and it provided a dual healing effect. He likes the nature’s beauty and its expression generating emotional response such as love, sadness, happiness, and anger, a remedy to balance the life numbness.

He confirms that he did face challenges and it was not a smooth road to grow. Physical adversity to his motor vehicle accident and the pandemic allowed him to explore and focus on his creative side. The healing factor for him mentally and physically is navigating the art world. There have been barriers that he was vulnerable to deliver his art to the world and to turn off the trolls and social media critics. He says the self defense mechanism is in staying hones to his point of view and confident while deflecting hesitancy and self-doubt.

His future plans are to carry on with freelance work with car, fashion, and sneaker brands, host art auctions and to open an art gallery. The long term goal is to establish art education and to show low income communities how the beauty of art has the healing effect. Here is the pricing of his art.


  • 12 x 15 inches = Stretched Canvas $113
  • 16 x 20 inches = Stretched Canvas $143
  • 24 x 30 inches = Stretched Canvas $198
  • 36 x 45 inches = Stretched Canvas $400
  • 48 x 60 inches = Stretched Canvas $865

Contact Wayne flint at or his site

Wayne Flint Digital Art

#1 Bob Marley

#2 Halle Berry

#3 Salma Hayek

#4 Rihanna

#5 Serena Williams

#6 Kamala Harris

#7 Mae Carol Jemison

#8 Brittany Griner

#9 Privilege

#10 Baby

#11 Marvin Gaye

#12 Kobe

#13 Kid

#14 Pretty Kid

Man of Tomorrow Book Illustration







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