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15 Enchanting images of Light Painting Photography by Eric Pare

Visual artist from Quebec, Eric Pare, combines his photography passion, with his lifestyle of practicing yoga and traveling. In 2013, Eric discovered and began practicing light painting photography. Eric mastered the design systems and techniques and pushed the amazing effects boundaries.

Eirc’s images present the influence of his surroundings. He is sensitive and appreciates watching the light shifting on the skin of people. He watches them as they walk under the street lamps as they lit or as people turn head towards sun.

Paré uses the light, time, and space concepts with his signature light photography. Each image is brought to life expertly giving a long exposure. The portfolio of Paré’s showcases splending collection of images exploring the human body with hypnotically paired displaying the light and movement.

The main goal for Eric to pursue is the way he communicates the feeling. However, for the photographers, it is to touch the hearts of people, while for Eric he works to create a perfect technical picture to inspire others.

Eric Paré is an artist-entrepreneur. He plays through light painting photography, using stop- motion techniques and bullet time to create signature animated photography. Everything is done by hand such as one frame at a time. He also works on multi-camera systems to capture light paintings.

“Eric has taken to the next level the light painting, combining stunning locations, the bright light streaks and human form to create hard to believe fantasy style images. Continuously evolving techniques and pushing the boundaries of his photos, for Eric Pare the sky is also not the limit.

In the past 10 years, he created content for Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, Facebook, Sony, Canon, Audi, Adobe, Intel, and lots more. He is running a 176-cameras studio in Montreal with his team.

Eric Pare, the Canadian light painting photographer has featured on MTV, CNN, BBC, TEDx and Vice. In the last few years he did several conferences and workshops in cities such as San Francisco, Dubai, NYC, Mexico City, and Toronto. He is found in Montreal in his studio creating 360 degree images using 84 cameras. He does light painting using simple plastic tube showing the ‘Tube Stories ‘concept. His latest international projects are in partnership with Twitter, Adobe, Canon, Intel, and Microsoft.

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