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20 Enchanting Beauty of the Forest Photography by Manuelo Bececco

Born in Italy in 1982, Manuelo Bececco, studied electronic before joining the ad industry as a graphic designer. In 2006, one of his friends introduced him to the photography world and it triggered him to learn the profession.

Now, Manuelo Bececco specializes in nature photography. His series on forest photos was taken in 2009 of looking up at the trees from the ground and international audience appreciated his work. It was published regularly in the National Geographic and he also received awards at international competitions such as the Hamdan International Photography Awards in 2017.

He is based in Umbria, Italy, and works as a freelancer now for the Getty images agency for whom he reports and takes landscape photography with a focus on emotion. He says his passion for photography and nature pushes him to go beyond the boundaries of his mind until he is totally exhausted from dreaming. He says he loves giving emotions.

The Italian photographer, Manuelo Bececco brigns out the forests quiet beauty through his stunning landscape imagery. He is inspired by the setting and uses nature as the base allowing the color and light of the environment to work on this canvas of nature. This makes the results unbelievable as the photographs are filled with awe and mystery that it draws viewers into a different magical world on Earth.

Bececco, dabbles in travel and wedding photography. He started his foray into landscape photography by capturing conventional images of open pastures and mountains. Over time, his style evolved, and he found himself enchanted with the wooded environments. His photos dictate on the trees, the true protagonists. He uses different angles to glorify the leaves color, the bark textures, and the trunks curves.

He says he sees everything in his way amidst the woods, branches or giant trees forming barriers of the eyes. These are the things, he watches in his mind and it turns into photographs. He photographs across different day times and seasons, as the changing ambiance of the forest looks beautiful. This Italian photographer uses the mood it generates, the light to his advantage and in the quiet woods captures a mystical moment. The forest photography is a great inspiration for him, he is happy, and it is a pleasant surprise to have been well received by public.

He says in the international competitions and on social media his photographs are well received. He is happy and excited to convey his feeling to people. Shot in spring or autumn, the leaves, the trees reveals its different beauty from all angles, says Bececco. His each image represents a personal sentiment manipulating light, a certain ambiance and mood. He accommodates tiny details to big picture of the forest, including the pinpricks of light shining to textured tree trunks through the gaps seen between leaves.

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