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15 Creating dream scenery as Creative Photo Manipulation by Even Liu

Even Liu, is a photographer born in 1974 is in Hong Kong and ahs his digital artist base in the same city landscape and prefers nature photography. His creative photo manipulation is evident in his dream scenery that he does with his own computer and photos. It is to create dream scenery with computer and photos.

Even Liu acquired:

-International Photography Awards Honorable Mention 2012
-Finalist of NAT GEO Awards 2013 (National Geographic Channel Hong Kong)
-IDN 1997 Award
-Hong Kong Designers Association Design 96.

Using Creative photo Manipulation offers a new look. It offers a different image and he does the manipulation perfectly with creative thinking. Manipulation in photo is an act of exposure adjustments and making color adjustment to enhance a photo. Photo manipulation alters original images by including new elements, changing the objects look and other manipulative adjustments.

Dreamy and Creative Photo Manipulation

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