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15 A free-spirit drawing of animal Sculpture by Lee Sangsoo

Animal Sculpture: Lee Sangsoo, born in 1983, is a South Korean artist. He studied at Dong-A University College of Arts the sculpture and acquired at Hongik University Graduate School of Sculpture his Masters degree. He drew lessons and enjoyed painting in middle school. He furthered his education in arts formally in high school and graduate school.

Lee Sangsoo learnt arts to the extent that it became a full time job. He revisited his childhood works and rediscovered the innocence and brilliancy of his childlike composition that was pure and carefree, highly inspiring his naïf style of 3D sculpture.

Lee Sangsoo enjoyed drawing right from elementary school and he dreamt to become a painter. He enjoyed art lessons even in middle school and took to studying the same in high school and university. He said as he took to studying the subject deeper, it was not enjoyable or fun. Art always gave him relief from worries and showered pleasure, but it also became a stress source. It also became his livelihood and he could realize how art influenced him.

Lee Sangsoo is a dreamer, representing a regressive artwork style for an imaginative style as ‘Faux Nail’. At first view his art may appear unskilled and ugly, but on examining closely the artists intent is revealed and it offers a new insight into the innocence themes and the unknowing childhood bliss that conjures creative youth thoughts that is long forgotten.

Lee Sangsoo guides his free-spirited style of work and exhibits through ridiculousness some laughable depictions through his artwork in sketches, scribbles, or paintings. He says his work is like drawing in air. It is effortless and momentary feel that comes as a sketch. However, his work is in resin or steel, creating sculptures permanently. His swoopy and sleek sculptures revolve around animal world, capturing birds, cats, and barnyard critters. The animal sculptures come alive in beautifully painted colors and pastels and they add to playful ways.

Animal Sculpture by Lee Sang Soo

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