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10 Impressive Disney Princess Photo to Digital art by Helen Morgun

Photo to Digital art: Helen Morgun creates Disney fan art. She is a Spanish illustrator. This artist illustrates her digital art with some of the favorite celebrities into animated characters, and it is absolutely stunning. Helen is great in converting photo into art using her digital skills. She likes to maintain perfection and her digital art versions are excellent. She mostly gives popular Disney characters and her digital art is sure to blow your mind.

Helen Morgun, has a knack to find the exact Disney twin from the prominent celebrities. Her digital illustrations feature animated likeness with singers and actresses and also merge with their animal companions. It includes Amanda as Rapunzel, Lucy Liu as Mulan, and Blake as Sleeping Beauty.

Helen Morgun accepted in an interview that she is highly inspired by people, their films, interesting stories, and songs and love to listen many times. She is been drawing since childhood and also possesses an art education. Helen says she always wished to dedicate her life to drawing.

The very first celebrity illustrated by Helen was Rachel McAdams as Cinderella. Helen believed she was suitable for this role and then there was nothing to stop her art. She came up with other celebrities in the princess role or even as an insidious villain role. Now, she allows her fans to decide whom to illustrate and come with a new character.

Helen Morgun, the digital artist loves to come up with interesting references and details to highlight the character. She chooses for each character two candidates and allows her fans or subscribers to arrive at their favorite. She chooses only when she considers it 100% match.

The artist scours the repertoire of queens, princesses, villainesses before she begin sketching. Then she tries to work on it to find the apt match that she has in mind and settles for a celebrity. Morgun renders each subject carefully in Photoshop. She adds accessories and clothes bringing out the Disney character reminiscence.

Morgun, deserves all the credit as she visualizes her choice of celebrities and gives them the Disney form. It is her incredible imagination that brings the real transformation through digital art. She is smitten by the charm and beauty of her celebrities that she paints them and brings out her feelings with her art works. She uses the art software and creates stunning portraits. Her colors use and rendering of realistic features is impressive that she has over 28,000 fan followers on Instagram.

Disney Princess Photo to Digital Art

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