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Beautiful Digital Painting Concept Art by Ross Tran

Digital Painting: Ross Tran is a 23-year-old artist, a recent graduate from Pasdena’s Art Center College of Design. Tran’s already has YouTube viewers of more than two million views. The beauty of his art is the playful tone he maintains, the quick cuts, the breathless moments that are hyperactive presenting whistle-stop style and tours from his art school.

Tran is healthy and unbelievably active surrounded by friends and teachers populating his spaces. The success rate is high as the art of Tran’s is stylized, bright, and painterly. Besides, he also explains his paintwork with tutorials.

Tran was just 17 when he received at the nearby West Studio his first concept artist job. A few years later, he began working on his feature film as a lead character designer. He created Echo for an animated movie in 2014 for Earth to Echo. His count includes clients such as Samsung, Disney, and Microsoft. He also has to work on more upcoming films and Halo Franchise.

Tran grew up as a shy boy and he admits that his boisterous character appearing on the videos is completely a different image. He accepts there were lots of insecurities while growing up. He considers himself an introvert who learns overtime extroverted skills. Tran says, even after acquiring a place at the renowned ArtCenter College of Design, he felt something missing.

He was passionate about arts and loved making others laugh. This tempted him to pursue his acting career. Tran says Pstch and Scrubs show producers were present in the audition room and appreciated his talent of making them laugh that they labeled him as ‘Asian Best Friend. He says getting picked up as the pilot was a great experience. He also auditioned for several

Tran juggled between his auditions and school. He also took extra classes and got a big break on the Fox network for a pilot audition. Now his work has taken to a graphic, stylized approach, relating to his painterly roots. He admits that he grew up watching The PowerPuff Girls, and this was bringing his graphics love in the pieces.

A YouTube channel was his friend’s suggestion as he could combine art and make people laugh. Tran was not ready and did not believe he could do something. He says acting helped him commit. He accepts that going to auditions and attending classes helped him commit and with practice he discovered himself.

Tran says he started with his art to pursue acting. He paints to express himself artistically. His artworks are inspiriting with breathtaking and beautiful colors and atmospheres. His tutorials are helpful and his enthusiastic participation keeps everyone glued to him. He reinvented himself as Ross Draws and kickstarted his career. Tran was into other TV shows such as Sailor Moon,
Pokemon, and Power Rangers. You can see influences on his art and channel. His work collaboration with non-artists includes Yoshi Sudarso and Jimmy Wong, while in his videos he looks up to Anthony Jones and Dan LuVisi.

Tran’s YouTube channel brought him confidence. He was a good painter, but he feels his favorite artist’s influence is mirrored in his work. Trans works with Lightroom and Photoshop for painting and with AfterEffects and Premiere for his videos. He switches between apps easily using Adobe software.

Digital Painting Concept Art

Digital Painting Yuki by Ross Tran
Image Credit: Roos Tran

Digital Painting Girl by Ross Tran
Image Credit: Roos Tran

Digital Painting Queen by Ross Tran
Image Credit: Roos Tran

Digital Painting Girl by Ross Tran
Image Credit: Roos Tran

Digital Painting Zelda by Ross Tran
Image Credit: Roos Tran

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