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15 Splendid and Authentic Digital illustration Art by Lera Kiryakova

Born on 5 th October, 1985, Lera Kiryakova belongs to the Millennials Generation. She is also known as Geemration Y. she is a well-know Illustrator born in Russia. She is a Russian character design sketch artist who draws famous characters. She makes the portraits of celebrities and recreates photographs that she has more than 346,000 followers on Instagram.

Lera Kiryakova loves to show different characters and faces. She loves to see different faces and finds it wonderful and amazing. She loved drawing and studying nations, features and costumes. She portrayed people and countries through cute girls as she felt it close to her art style.

Lera Kiryakova portrays each girl in traditional apparel, thereby adding extra cuteness. Her digital illustration includes a lot of research to present authentic illustration. She learns about costumes and characters poses and she finds it funny to take a photo giving different facial expressions.

As an artist, she is constantly improving her skills and distinctive style. Kiryakova has and is continuously experimenting different types of illustration mediums such as watercolor, oil, pencils, markers, and so on. She mastered them all! She is exploring recently the digital universe and is creating beautiful drawings using a Wacom tablet and Adobe Photoshop. She invites her audience to learn her work process by sharing thorough tutorials on the YouTube channel.

#1 Native American

#2 Autumn

#3 Japan

#4 Hawali

#5 India

#6 Ukraine

#7 China

#8 Kenya

#9 Northern Girl

#10 Mexico

#11 Russian

#12 Peru

#13 Girl

#14 Blue Eyes

#15 Readers

To Know More Lera Kiryakova: Website | Instagram


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