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Digital Artwork Of Disney Princess Into Realistic Character by Holly Fae

Digital Art: Holly Fae is California-based artist. She is always inspired and intrigued by magic and fantasy. It is her art to share magic by creating beautiful things, thereby bringing into people lives some shims. She strives to create new or different things and pushes herself to new styles and techniques.

Holly Fae started drawing fantasy imaginings and was encouraged to doing digital arts. She says now she is fond of digital arts as she is able make people happy. She is also able to share her creativity with others. She loves to make magical, colorful, and whimsical artworks to decorate your home and to give as a special gift.

Holly Fae loves the fairytales and love digital painting prints. There are lots of her arts on social sites Facebook and Instagram. She drew inspiring and beautiful princesses that is not really realistic. She says the facial proportions and eyes look alien-like in comparison to other humans. While, she says it is normal as it a cartoon. In this way, Holly Fae the artist gave Disney princesses a handful of changes by making subtle makeovers to see how they appear more very much like human. The artist filmed the entire process of her makeover and vides and it went viral and she gained prominence.

Holly Fae said in a recent interview that Disney movies have create a huge influence as she was growing and she drew some characters, while Jasmine and Ariel are her favorites. The realistic makeovers idea came after Holly tried creating a meme using Elsa’s image and observed how big here eyes appeared. Holly Fae got curious and tried to see how the same proportions of eyes would look on the 2D classic princesses. It is the time she began transforming the princess looks and recorded the entire process. The video went viral and she noticed people started requesting to do the same for other princesses, and it turned into a fun project.

Holly added very clearly that her project is not making any commentary on the Disney proportions. She is an artist and is doing out of curiosity. Her main aim is to add fun. The Elsao video initially was an attempt for fun, and after that she has taken a lot of care while considering each transformation, particularly with Jasmine and Moana. The artist spends hours looking at women photos and in understanding their ethnicities so that she gets the right features.

Holly Fae, in the future plans to finish the Disney Princesses and tries her hand in giving her characters some makeovers. Everyone knows the trademark art style with Disneys. The animated characters have diminutive features, cute looks, large expressive eyes. These make them appear cartoon-like more than real. Holly Fae reimagines the famous Dinsey princesses and many more characters to give lifelike proportions.

Fae started transforming using her Procreate app on her iPad. She elongated faces, altered the childlike features of the princesses and made their eyes smaller. Holly Fae, the digital artist shared on TikTok her videos and garnered views and likes in millions. She received positive feedback and pursued with other Disney movies characters, like Rapunzel, Moana, and Merida. She intends continuing the makeover series of all the princess, giving them realistic proportions.

Digital Artwork

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