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Galore of Print Ads from Various Artists Engaging Readers in a Tangible Way

Print Ads: Print advertising is stirring and kicking, no matter whether it is a direct mail, magazine ad, or business cards. It plays a crucial role in placing the brand before the customers. Print ads connect the readers on emotional level than digital. It offers a message and the readers a chance to view your products. Print advertising offers prospects to engage in a tangible way with your brand message. It supports digital marketing, and drives traffic to your website. If it is an e-Commerce store, it drives deeper interaction with brands. Find here how Media Samosa an online publication captures media marketing on various verticals and offers it as a reporting trend

Print Ads Orbit

Anurag Yadav, majored in graphic design, illustration, and advertising creation. He is a New Delhi design student. Anurag was creating a campaign in his final year of study for a famous brand. He took chewing gum as his inspiration believing it is preferred by most teenagers. His intention was to kick a pleasant sense of smell. Thus, he manifests the fruity aromas strength by imaging shape and color of smelly foods into aromatic fruits. He transforms food to beat any bad breath in his own colorful style.

Print Ads McCafe

McDonal’ds Coffee Cup Lid is appreciated by netizens. Especially, the decaffeninated print ads have transformed the coffee cup lid at McDonal’ds into man-shaped face. It features a sleepy expression face that implies going to sleep. The coffee is caffeine-free and offers a personalized charm.

Print Ads PitStop Lagos

Being fashionable is a reason for people to stay fit. The images here in PitStop Lagos reveal inspiration in its restaurant with cycling and wellness by dishing out fitness tips. It also creates analogies between clothing items and fruits. Ad Agency: Arden & Newton, Nigeria

Print Ads Public Awareness

Robin Wood, the environmental activists created full CG visuals to raise awareness of the natural habitats of animals and the ongoing destruction of them and the environment. This time illusion was a social campaign, that brought ahead Destroying nature is destroying life’ in a powerful way illustrating the poignant creative concept of Grabars & Partner, the Creative agency, bringing out the boldness in a striking manner.

Print Ads Nescafe

The Nescafe here presents the power to awake and make you active. It is represented by placing a battery in the cup bottom, showing once you drink the coffee, you are full of energy. It is an intelligent way of presenting wake-up energy through Nescafe. (Art Director: Ahamed Ashraf)

Print Ads McDonalds

A lovely presentation by Bart Batchelor, art director, Hans Sipma, photographer, and Steve Pinter, retoucher is the Night Light Campaign of the McDonals. It was a print campaign run in Canada, developed at Cossette West, Vancouver.

Print Ads Don’t Drink and Drive

Vokshod Agency, Russia is proposing this ad for Ural’s Custom Brewery. It indicates the consuming of alcohol decreases everything, the ability to react, our senses and sleep tolerance. It is important to avoid car driving under the alcohol influence, as it may cost lives.

Print Ads WWF

Another example of WWF (World Wildlife Fund) campaign is a powerful provocation to stop poaching. It presents a creative advertising highlighting the importance of animals.

Print Ads Tobasco

The Tabasco hot sauce bottle image tells you if it is really hot. The indication of smoke coming from behind looks like it is melting the floor.

*All these commercials present the cleverness of the artists and their knack of keeping the product from appearing blatant.

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