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Dig out the hidden artist inside you! Recreative photos by Ronnald Ong

Photo Manipulation: Ronald Ong is an artist from Malaysia. A 24-year-old, living in Kuala Lumpur, creates digital images traveling through an incredible and charming world. The artist brings the expression of the art and transmits ideas, stories, and feelings that we see all around.

Ronald Ong has breathtaking imagery as a conceptual artist to tell stories. He uses nature or giant landscapes to express his vision. He works on one still frame at a time. His Instagram account lready has 360,000 followers. His first post on Instagram was published in 2016 September.

Ronald Ong is a nice human being and a jewel of an artist. He is very kind, honest and is one of the good reasons to see success in his profession. He has remarkable skills and his fame is well-deserving. Photo manipulation artist Ronald Ong cleverly merges animals with unimaginable items. They create surreal image mash-ups. The Instagram popularity is increasing due to his brilliance in his work.

This Malaysian artist, Ronald Ong says he is overwhelmed that everything happening seems surreal since the journey beginning. He is happy for the support and nice messages that he receives as comments. He is a talented graphic designer and loved artists for their imagination. He keeps it gripping with his photo manipulations.

Ronald Ong creates photo manipulations that his viewers love and can feel the storytelling. He uses identifiable places and objects to convey his message. His work that is in absolute love is a woman cycling holding a yellow balloon, while a big single fluffy cloud is upon her. It also reminds me of a fried egg. The bananas turning into a bird, the swing, the zebra, and the reborn are masterpieces presenting his artistic talent of photo manipulation.

Ronald Ong is prominent for his photo manipulation works. They appear to be simple, but it is his presence of mind, artistic talents that frame simple things into beautiful narrative stories. It gives a different thought to the viewer, something that is beyond the approach or thought of a person. He works from Kuala Lumpur. He loves mixing bodies of animal photos with food. The zebra has the skin of an Oreo biscuit, while the fox body resembles a packet of bread, and so on.

Ronald Ong presents an amazing combination of pieces and bits, while he tests the skills of photo manipulation. He began with photo manipulation as a fun project and it became popular on the websites of social media. Some of the works of his photo manipulation are beyond our imagination and some are damn funny. Especially the giraffe stuffing his face reaching a cloud. This is funny right away, but it also gives a feel of the giraffe having a bad day that it is looking for something to eat reaching the cloud. It is also a sign of worry for the giraffe that the surrounding lacks trees that it is forced to push its face into the cloud.

Ronald Ong always comes with awesome photo manipulations. There is a good set of photo manipulations that sets a happy moment.

Creative Photomanipulation Egg by Ronnald Ong
Image Credit: Ronnald Ong

Creative Photomanipulation Zeboreo by Ronnald Ong
Image Credit: Ronnald Ong

Creative Photomanipulation Catched Moon by Ronnald Ong
Image Credit: Ronnald Ong

Creative Photomanipulation Swing by Ronnald Ong
Image Credit: Ronnald Ong

Creative Photomanipulation Giraffe by Ronnald Ong
Image Credit: Ronnald Ong

Creative Photomanipulation House by Ronnald Ong
Image Credit: Ronnald Ong

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Source: https://www.behance.net/ronald_penf9ba



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