Creative Photography Daniel Rueda and Anna Devis
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15 Playful Portraits of Creative Photography by Daniel Rueda and Anna Devis

Anna Devis and Daniel Rueda are trained architects presenting the combination of love for perspective, geometry, and storytelling. They are a well-known creative photography couple based in Valencia, Spain. They have travelled to many places and seek out quirkiest buildings to bring it on their canvases. The architectural photography experience of Daniel and the creative background of Anna, a painter and illustrator, reveal combined efforts that are surprising and fun images that are much beyond conventional photography.

The process is handcrafted, though everything begins with a sketch. Anna and Daniel brainstorm and sit together such that Anna translates into little drawing the first concepts. These sketches help in figuring out the ideas into reality. Their props are mostly handmade and include Hasselblad Phocus, some image processing. Thus, create surreal scenes without using photo editing software. However, Daniel and Anna set for everyday objects a real life stage using unexpected locations, colorful outfits, and natural light in tons.

The duo, Anna and Daniel’s unmistakable and unique style has led to work with brands such as Disney, Netflix, Pantone, and Facebook. Their work reveals illustration of book covers, festival posters and is published in publications such as Marie Claire, Surface, El Pais newspaper, and Glamour. They present a creative photography style placing architectural background narrating stories through surprising and fun images. The particular style presents a visual sense of precision, creativity, humor, and a delicate aesthetic inspired by minimalism, geometry, and the city.

Combining artistic vision and spatial awareness, they create bold patterns and simple shapes. They establish joyful and magnetic narratives suggesting the human relations nature and the urban environment fascination. Anna and Daniel create surreal scenes without using photo editing software. They give a playful twist to architectural backdrops and mundane settings. Their minimal compositions also open spaces with humor and joy
and turn geometric elements.

The narrative-driven image presents extensive planning starting with an initial sketch, involves concept and location pairing, and props construction. This Valencia-based couple, Anna and Daniel use architecture for utilitarian purposes. They interact with surrounding to create playful design narratives.

Daniel and Anna were studying architecture in the university and both 27, got together in their design interests and started photographing locales, and it so went on that the rest is history. Soon they took it into a career. Rueda is a self-taught photographer and a trained architect, while Devis is a designer and illustrator building own brand. The couple has a distinct aesthetic. Anna says they started for fun and posted the shots on social media pages, and with time they became perfectionists. Slowly, they learnt to tell stories through the images. They sent visual messages requiring no translation.

The couple worked with Netflix, Coca-Cola, HP, and Dior. These brand collaborations gives a broader design perspective e and they are able to ideate creative photography better, though the job becomes challenging to give with a tight time frame.

Creative Photography

Creative Photography Quaran Time by Daniel Rueda and Anna Devis
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Creative Photography Quaran Time by Daniel Rueda and Anna Devis

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