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15 Creative and Whimsical Photo Manipulations Ideas From Kevin Carden

A self-taught photographer, Kevin Carden is an educator from Kernersville, NC, USA. He is also a photoshop artist and he focuses on photo manipulation and digital art.

Kevin Carden is the digital artist who knows turning any ordinary room into enchanting scenes making it surreal with the Photoshop power. Keven has the skills to transform photos into magical paintings and is no keen to share the knowledge to the world. He encourages all the artists to keep being creative and to learn from others. It takes hard word and is rewarding to share creativity and passions.

Kevin Carden is a digital artist and photographer. He does not shy from sharing his creative process. He allows people to peep at his creative process that he undergoes while sharing the final version. In 2010, he started playing with photo manipulation.

Initially, he edited nature pictures and slowly understood that creativity is in lots to create unique art pieces. His inspiration is from themes and faith and he says it is fun to illustrate. He says he gets photo ideas from his children or photo. He says he illustrates as a father every day. Sometimes without anything some projects become popular.

Kevin’s wife takes pictures or he gets his daughter ready for ice cream and she does something funny that a cool photo of her eating ice cream on the planet Venus is done. His most photo-shoots are in the home, mostly in the backyard or the playroom. The kids are in the natural setting.

The photos are taken in the usual surroundings in the place his kids are comfortable. He likes exploring religious themes. His artwork conveys themes and the Bible is full of supernatural stories and miracles. It also conveys the themes that his most favourite models are his kids and wife. Using technology, Kevin later on transfers them into the magic world.

Using technology of editing software, he brings those Biblical themes in creative and powerful ways. He likes to use his talent in a high quality and thought provoking art pieces. He loves sharing his talent with others.

Kevin loves being a digital artist and he loves spending time with his family during working hours. He encourages the new artists to stay creative and to learn from mistakes. It is rewards after hard work and you get to show your passion to the world.

Kevin Carden Photo Manipulation

#1 Celestial Bodies

#2 After Before Photo Manipulation






#7 After Before Photo Manipulation


#8 After Before Photo Manipulation Light My Path


#9 Light My Path


#10 After Before Photo Bring Out The Sun


#11 Bring Out The Sun

#12 After Before Photo


#14 Inspiring A Hero

#15 Flower Testing

#16 A Challenges Ahead

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