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“Wondering how his lenses truly work”-Creative Photomanipulation work by Psguy2026

Creative Photomanipulation: Psguy2026 is a self-taught digital artist. He loves emphasizing or removing elements from photographs. He loves using to improve the quality of photographs and adding effects to them.

He is found of photomanipulation as it works as a great inspiration source. It allows him to create a stunning image and there are various effects that bring out a realistic view of an unreal picture. He has an open mind in amassing ideas and he gets creative with images. He says there is a story with every photoshopped image or photograph. It reflects purely the imagination and creativity of a designer. Choosing a background such that it is natural and simple ensures proper photomanipulation. He likes playing around with lighting, matching color tones so that it blends the photograph.

Photomanipulation Cat by Psguy2026
Image Credit: Psguy2026

Photomanipulation tweaks the celebrities to get brighter smiles. It is an art from that allows varied combinations to create a unique collage o even to present double exposures. Photo manipulation is the only art technique that presents an entire complex of imaginary world coming to life.

Photomanipulations are more successful as every detail is given attention. It allows bringing the wildest dream of some fantasy land to find the materials and to fit as a puzzle. However, he admits that there is need for the right materials and tools to get the right work completion.

Photomanipulation Tiger by Psguy2026
Image Credit: Psguy2026

He admits that light is very important tool. Thus, selecting to compose a piece means to choose a stock imagery, begin with simple task that was photographer in different lighting source angles. Add to different layers in the photoshop so that you can see slight variation. There will be lot of power to manipulate the tones, but a good idea is to impart naturally the colors.

Photomanipulation Dolphin by Psguy2026
Image Credit: Psguy2026

Performing a check to ensure every image has high level graphics helps to modify. While starting, consider it as a blank canvas. Structure the images to appear organic. It creates naturally a realistic image. If you wish to do some photomanipulation as improvisation, consider different ways. Sketch out and try everything and look for fitting elements.

Photomanipulation Earth Finder by Psguy2026
Image Credit: Psguy2026

Isolating the images and combining the key elements to the task ensures organizing layers. It appears manageable. Take extra time to make the right selection and to refine the edge. Taking a considerable on long time is acceptable if you are able to get the right figure or shape as cutout. Staying organized allows blending if there are mistakes. Unifying aesthetics in your image is easier.

Photomanipulation Whale Tail by Psguy2026
Image Credit: Psguy2026

Speaking of the picture texture, there is a need to add subtle texture to various design elements, so that it brings up realistic level and offers a smooth uniform surface. There may be grungy and dark photographs, or some may be polished and bright, it is a must to understand the feeling to accomplish. Consider the right color and texture decisions. Check the adjustment layers and get the correct coloring. A handy tip is need not adjust light layers, concentrate on different tools to adjust highlights, midtone, and shadow.

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